This year, I got to participate in the Fun A Day show in Baltimore again! The idea originated in Philadelphia, and encourages artists to jump into the new year in a creative way. You can choose to make a different piece of art every day in January, or just work consistently on a project. Submissions range from one piece to seven to thirty-one different pieces. The show is all-inclusive so we have everything from sculptures to painters to crafters to jewelry makers. There are also performance pieces that we all get to experience as entertainment the night of the opening.

Baltimore’s Fun A Day project has grown very steadily since the first 2012 show. It had no more than 15 participants, last year’s had 60, and this year we had 80! Luckily, we had the wonderful help of Gallery 788 in Hampden to make everything run perfectly. We had some really fantastic staff members, like Eduardo and Jim, to help us promote, organize, and actually hang the show.

Last year, I did a different street art installation every day. This year, I made some garlands!

photo credit: Anthony Redd

Opening night was a blast. Lots of my friends came to support me, and there was music, wine, and extra fancy donuts. I was overwhelmed by the talent swarming around the room and hanging on the walls. I’m so grateful for all the new people I get to meet from these events.

This piece was interactive, which I loved. If there’s art that you can shoot a Nerf gun at, then it’s safe to say that I like that art.

Thanks to my friends for coming out to support me, and for all the artists for participating. Especially Michelle! She made paper cuts of US postage, which was pretty awesome.

Do you think you could make a different piece of art every day for an entire month? What medium would you choose?
These are the cities that participated in 2013 and 2014. Are you going to participate next year?