Happy Celebration Of Life Day! How are you going to celebrate your life today?
Baltimore has snow on the ground. Maybe I’ll make a mini snowman! If your weather isn’t beautiful and sunny, you might try one of Marielle’s activity ideas! Stay happy and warm, my loves.

+ spotting a Magic Bus
+ putting up Valentine’s Day decorations
+ making exciting (secret) plans
+ bags of googly eyes

+ talking to Katie and her showing me that the “KATIE” I mailed her last year arrived in one piece
+ doing Liquid Pranks with Allison’s help
+ gargling with “mouthwash” in the food court
+ running into Mack from high school
+ Carly’s 13 tips to make life more interesting

+ dangling icicles
+ announcing my February event: Selfie Flashmob (you can participate even if you’re not local!)
+ the idea of “selfie” being another word for “masturbation”
+ funny late night picture exchanges with Michelle
+ something funny actually coming from the Jezebel/Lena/Vogue fiasco

+ tempting toilets
+ wearing a party dress to honor my boyfriend, Ben Franklin‘s, birthday
+ hearing that Sadie is doing better
+ writing letters on googly eye stationery
+ preparing for the Guerrilla Art Workshop on Thursday

+ Kris giving the Fun A Day volunteers Ring Pops and poppers
+ breakfast croissant for dinner
+ Bug hiding under my blanket
+ “Is pumpkin pie supposed to have bones?” – Eric Matthews
+ the AMA on Reddit from Charlie and Matt of Improv Everywhere

+ using the popper (from above) in the snow
+ painting my nails like a mermaid
+ sitting in a yellow director’s chair and yelling “action!”
+ new purple twinkle lights

+ pretty views in Hampden
+ delicious moscato wine
+ reading the ridiculous song titles out loud of an offensively named band
+ making dinosaur confetti
+ getting new stuffed animal friends, like Bo

+ scoring this old teal trunk at a vintage furniture store
+ helping Ashley shop for her new apartment
+ laying on one of the display beds in Ikea, playing Aqualung on my phone while I waited for Ashley and her mom to figure out delivery services
+ drinking an entire pint of Fireball on her new and empty floor while we waited for Nick to come get us
+ playing Zach Galifianakis stand up while Lance put together the dresser

What’s on your happiness list this week?