Happy Hat Day! Wear your biggest, brightest, or ugliest hat today, I dare you. This week has had a lot of DC in it! It’s rare that I visit the nation’s capital more often than Baltimore, but that’s just how things have been lately. It’s definitely been fun. I hope you have a day that is as great as the hat on your head.

+ recreating TV show scenes in my fridge
+ my boyfriend finally getting a Facebook
something good coming from complaining on Facebook
(i.e. hanging out with Jason while wearing party hats)
+ turquoise tinsel

+ taking the long way to see this colorful sculpture inside a building in DC
+ refusing to put a cheeseburger down
+ getting RSVP’s to the Photobooth event
+ Ashley calling to check in on me

+ pouring yellow and teal tinsel into my last light bulb container (from Bright Ideas)
+ this hilarious article about how to host a booty call
+ rediscovering Say Anything/Max Bemis
+ very strange e-mail interactions

+ attending January’s mail social at the Postal Museum
+ getting to see Sadie again
+ booking this charming place to stay at in San Francisco
+ Pamela’s write-up about the Ex Postal Facto event

+ Melissa and Allison letting us use the Letterpress for thank you cards
+ Allison’s very awesome compliment about my skirt
+ getting a good parking spot on the weekend in the city
+ debuting Peacock Vows and by first Q&A video

+ finding yellow eyes that are probably not really eyes (just kidding, this wall can see)
+ participating in the No Pants Subway Ride in DC
+ how Bug plays with rubber bands
+ getting more people to sign up for my Postcard Subscription
+ Leonid Tishkov and his moon

+ going through the blogs, videos, and press from the No Pants Ride the next day
+ getting out of my funk and cleaning/organizing my room so I can get back to work
+ purchasing very strange items at the grocery store for a project
+ finding the perfect clip to demonstrate how I hit on guys

What’s on your happy list this week?