Merry Christmas! I know I said I’d probably go back to celebrating Christmas as normal next year, but I must admit that being finished and relaxed before everyone else is really wonderful! Today, I plan to go to the movies and make art. I hope that everyone has received my holiday cards by now, and that you have a really great day with whoever you’re spending it. Care to share your plans?

+ sitting on Santa’s lap (who was apparently in the Hannah Montana movie) (this wasn’t actually last week, but I forgot to share it!)
+ getting a new address book and finally getting organized
+ hanging out with Kenna and giving her Kermit & Marbles as her present
+ celebrating Answer The Phone Like Buddy The Elf Day
+ screaming out of my windows out of happiness

+ my Baltimore’s Love Project on my bright red car
+ covering my arms and chest in temporary tattoos
+ phone call with Janice on her way home from Vegas
+ this dialect quiz nailing my location exactly

+ attending the absolute best party I’ve ever gone to, and swimming in this adult ball pit
+ hot chocolate, marshmallow flavored vodka, and real marshmallows
+ Santa’s Secret Room, complete with black light bubble room
+ meeting new friends

+ this dude stripping down from a Santa suit to a thong (and humping the crap out of me moments after this photo was taken)
+ exchanging gifts with my dad (and getting a ton of new postage and DVDs)
+ realizing how long the fuchsia tinsel was after putting it up in my backyard
+ an illuminated tree installation

+ framing my letter from my Secret Admirer, and drawing on the frame with dry erase markers
+ believing in Matilda’s powers
+ practicing haikus
+ great advice from Hannah B

+ getting a personalized card for Cards Against Humanity… have you ever played?
+ stand-up comedy
+ specifically the joke about the pizza guy knocking on the door without the pizza
“How you doin’?” “Not good! I forgot your fucking pizza!”
+ this No Bullshit Postman

+ taking the long way home to see Baltimore’s Miracle On 34th Street after midnight
+ singing along to Dishwalla in the car with Nick and Ashley
+ eating pupusas
+ seeing Anchorman 2 and eating popcorn
+ yarnbomb plus spoons!

+ my door full of cards from you guys! Can you spot yours?
+ doing a photobooth with Ashley, and the results being really violent looking
+ the last episode of season three of The Office
+ doing a snowflake yarnbomb

+ seeing this vanity plate, and being able to send it to Charlotte, Jason, Mike, & Dave (they have a catch phrase: “the struggle”)
+ finding old film slides of my grandparents, and Nannie looking beautiful
+ pill bottles deciding to show “actual size” of pills on their bottles: Best Idea Ever
+ writing New Year’s cards

What’s on your happy list this week?