There are some days when I declare “everything is beautiful!” and there are some days where I don’t have any interest in anything that’s not pajamas, Bug, and cookies. Whether you’re feeling like the entire world is full of beauty or not, we can always add more.

Look at everything as an opportunity. Is your chore list daunting because it seems so mundane? Make it better! Organize your grocery cart by color, dance to “Hey Mickey” while you’re folding laundry, and pretend you’re Mrs. Doubtfire while you’re vacuuming. Even the most ordinary things have potential.

My backyard was a magical place when I was a kid. There were six giant trees, swings, a tomato garden, and toys. Over the years, almost all of the trees have been cut down and my backyard has slowly turned into a field with a locked shed and a blanket of leaves. It’s not that fun of a place to be anymore, but that doesn’t mean I can’t fix it.

I mentioned finding a giant bag of fuchsia tinsel at the thrift store earlier this week. It turns out it was all connected into a homemade garland! What a steal for $2. I went ahead and added some color to my backyard, and it makes me want to traipse around wearing a cape.

Sometimes I take Fourth Avenue home, so I can pass the elementary school. I like to look at the side of the boring brick building, and as I pass, say out loud, “You can make anything beautiful.”

Because it’s the same brick wall I turned into a cartoon staircase.

Tweet it:ย I will always search for beauty. And if I can’t find it, I will make it!