I forgot to do a happiness post last week, so I’d like to share some of the things that have made me happy in the past two weeks.

I would also like to point out that October is my favorite month and 17 is my favorite number, thus making today my favorite day of the year!

+ going to a pumpkin farm with Matt


+ leaving a bag of toy ghosts for someone to find
+ lonely (beautiful) balloon
+ Matt surprising me with a horse mask
+ baby gourds!!! (I bought three)
+using this book for prompts for observations and explorations in Baltimore
+ beautiful graffiti
+ the way my street art bag looks on the ground

+ celebrating 6 years with Matt
+ getting Playdough at a work training
+ finishing the Top Secret Cards and glasses cases for strangers projects
+ the idea of dressing up like monsters and destroying a cardboard city
+ happy hour with Sarah and LaShandra (and sweet potato tacos!)
+ a lovely e-mail from someone who found one of my cards
+ e-mailing Jaclyn
+ Jenn coming over for craft times (and watching her mix glitter and glue together)
+ installing two more inspiration boards
+ getting about 7 packages!
+ the Orioles getting really far in the season (I actually watched some games!)
+ yarnbombing the bench and getting such great feedback on it
+ eating Qdoba with my dad
+ a really positive comment from my friend Jill who I always envy.. saying she envies me!
+ watching Harriet The Spy (always)
+ feeling like Nannie approved of my yarnbombing via an older woman in Baltimore
+ being proud of myself for trying Ethiopian food for the first time (even if it made me sick)
+ getting my passport in the mail!
+ LaShandra’s cute kitty/yarn tattoo (banner of her shop)
+ the clouds at sunset and chilly Fall weather

What made you happy this week?