A couple months ago I found these “top secret” cards at the thrift store. I wrote out 24 clues for life and put one on each card. I numbered them and glued a picture or sticker on the back. The past few weeks I’ve been leaving them places around Baltimore. Now that they are all out, I wanted to share the clues I wrote and some pictures of the cards being left.
24 Clues To Living Life

1. Do things that you know you’ll remember.
2. Every single experience you have shapes you, so be open to a variety of options, but only ones that bring joy.
3. Having the ability to see in color is a magical thing. Don’t take it for granted.
4. If you do it right, you’ll never “finish” a Bucket List. Always look for more.
5. There is a section of love in your heart predesignated for animals. Make sure you’re tapping into that. Have you seen a baby sloth?
6. Don’t compare your life and progress to anyone else. Feel good about what you are doing. Anything else is unfair to yourself.
7. If you feel like you keep having to “get through” something, stop doing that something. Your time is precious.
8. Don’t walk past something that captures your attention. Look at it more closely, go back if you need to. Great things need to be found.
9. Sometimes the slower way is better.
10. Tolerating something is no way to live. Look for solutions. They’re there.
11. There are more people who find that same thing beautiful. So don’t be nervous.
12. Inspiration is everywhere. Don’t restrict yourself.
13. Follow the advice you would give to your favorite person in the whole world.
14. Don’t swallow your emotions. Experience them. You need them all.
15. You can. I’m telling you, you can.
16. You are a part of something bigger. Keep searching.

17. Look up at the stars regularly. They are magnificent and a reminder. One night you’ll feel grand and the next minuscule.
18. Make a conscious effort to not generalize. Our nature is to do so. Look for unique qualities that break the rules.
19. Your way isn’t the only way. Be open to learning. Research culture and history. Create your own collaborative path.
20. Keep looking for your special purpose. Once you find it, dunk yourself in, and live there.

21. Notice details. Look for them specifically. They’ll enhance your understanding.
22. Some of the best things to appreciate are things that no person has the ability to make.
23. Documentation of any kind will eventually become beneficial to you. Write it down. Take a picture. Remember it.
24. Explore everything. Outside, your thoughts, relationships, activities, new music, creativity, boxes or memories, fashion, color combinations…

If, by chance, you are someone who found a card, I would love to know which number you found, where, and what you thought of it.