Hey! You! It’s Cheeseburger Day! Celebrate any way you know how. Beef burger, turkey burger, black bean veggie burger? Put it on a bun and chow down. This week has been good, despite a weekend of bedridden sickness. I’m in love with life, though, and I’m excited about most things. Here’s a list of some of the things that have made me happy this week.

+ seeing Eve 6 live for free (and fulfilling my 90s fantasies)
+ seeing a very old lady in a red sequined outfit the moment we arrived in Atlantic City
+ touching the ocean (with my feet in the day and my body in the middle of the night)
+ the desolate carnival area

+ Ke$ha’s music, show, and glamour
+ a raspberry and vanilla milkshake (+ booze)
+ Janice’s sidewalk chalk unicorn submission
+ applesauce

+ getting an e-mail from Michelle mentioning confetti, and then making a ton of my own
+ my dad giving me a bunch of free flash drives from his work
+ Mandy Moore and Charlotte’s voice
+ seeing old ALI co-workers at Bonefish for happy hour

+ really sweet sounding street performers
+ walking the streets of Hampden alone at night
+ discounted drinks from knowing the bartender
+ new DVD of The League season four

+ Halloween re-appearing
+ the beautiful art created at the Sidewalk Chalk Flash Mob
+ my dad saying the balloons on the ceiling of the car made it feel like we were driving with clouds
+ beautiful, cooler weather

+ my SARK posters coming in and adding one to my favorite corner
+ starting to feel better (like a unicorn/human!)
+ getting out of the house and running errands
+ “Roar” by Katy Perry

+ the tops of buildings in Baltimore in a cloudless sky
+ purchasing Fall decorations
+ talking about regional dialect with Bianca
+ hibiscus refresher drinks

+ this sentiment from Amy Poehler
+ this post on to do lists by Veronica
+ ordering big girl business cards
+ being asked to be a part of the Earnest Daniel Experimental Arts Tour

I hope you have a marvelous (and delicious) Wednesday! What’s been making you happy this week?