Happy Open An Umbrella Indoors Day! Have you celebrated yet? Or are you too superstitious? I’m not superstitious. I’m just a little stitious.Anyway, last week I didn’t do a Weekly Happiness post, because I was trying to stay away from social media, so the only posts on my blog were written the week before. This means that I’m going to have things on this list from the past twoย weeks! ๐Ÿ™‚

+ the pretty displays of Baltimore Threadquartersย new shop

+ sending my Priority Art Box back out into the world


+ the idea of swinging in a chandelier
(no source available)
+ these awesome shoes that Janice sent me


+ close ups of knitting needles


+ tinsel on the street


+ this image
(no source available)
+ channeling a glamorous polar bear on Polar Bear Day



+ Bug pawing my hand when he wants a treat
+ finding a new (cheap) gumball machine at the thrift store
+ Leslie Knope’s character
+ reading people’s top ten lists (here is mine)
+ getting the collaborative postcard back
+ celebrating Wear Blue Day
+ the acoustics of the phrase “DC zine scene”
+ going to The Book Thing with Matt and running into Kate
+ big chunky snowflakes
+ lots of chocolate chip cookies
+ the made up word “quiltronicity”
+ maybe WalMart got new candles?
+ being productive without social media
+ getting back to my regularly scheduled street art outings
+ getting excited for my trip to Chicago in April
+ making shamrock related things for coworkers
+ getting a haircut
+ going to visit the University of Baltimore’s knitting group to talk about yarnbombing
+ getting new clothes in the mail
+ starting to work on Etsy
+ new hair products
+ snow day off from work without having any snow
+ cutting stuff out of magazines
+ discovering eyebombing.com and them posting my submission
+ affirming e-mails about past experiences with Michelle
+ downsizing my mail storage
+ pay day!
+ the Saladworks guy giving me a free salad
+ finding my lost wallet
+ Bug letting me take his picture with a mini hat on his head
+ playing a game about survival in The Depression with Sam, LaShandra, & Rachel
+ watching Silver Linings Playbook and The Descendants
+ fill plastic bubbles with trinkets
+ commentary on It’s Always Sunny DVDs
+ getting my modern art stamps in the mail (and Matt pre-ordered me some as well!)
+ PS – will you help out my work? They’re trying to get 100 likes ๐Ÿ™‚
What’s been making you happy this week?