Guess what today is? It’s Fun Facts About Names Day! Do you know what your name means? I’ve seen many different interpretations of Mary, like “bitterness”, “I pledge to God”, and “of the sea”. It just depends on where you look. Are there any famous songs with your name in them? I’ve found some really fun ones with mine. ex: Along Comes Mary & The Mary Getaway
So anyway, I sent out some postcards to people with some general facts about names, like:

“Donald Duck’s middle name is Fantleroy.
U2’s original band name was Feedback.Maine is the only US state name with one syllable.Jake The Jailbird is the name of the guy in jail on the Monopoly board.The name of armhole is clothing is armsaye.
Barbie’s last name is Roberts.
The name of your pinky finger or little toe is minimus.”

Did you already know any of those?
“elf army” was probably my favorite name meaning out of everyone’s
I sent as many cards as I had left in my Ocean’s Sweaty Face postcard box set. They have some really interesting graphics. I hope everyone received them by today! Yay for celebrating Unusual Holidays!

More Outgoing


At the Fun A Day show, I put out a box and asked people to put their address in it if they wanted to receive a postcard. These are the first fifteen I sent out. I hope you guys liked them! The consistent yellow background is a cut up Mylar balloon!



What’s been in your mailbox lately?