Hi! Happy December! I hope you’re excited about the last month of the year, enjoying this fun/adventurous Sagittarius Season, and taking stock of all the good things you were able to get done this year while still remembering we’re not at curtain call quite yet! November was a tough month for me, and as I filled out my Top Things About November list, I got very sad. The past many months it’s been difficult for me to pin down my favorite moments to just ten things, but this time I felt like I was scraping the bottom of the barrel for good moments. But the truth is this was the best November I’ve had in years, and I still did a lot for how terrible I was feeling. And that’s something to be proud of: progress. I also started worrying that I hadn’t done enough this year, but that’s stupid. Maybe I’m not where I thought or imagined I’d be right now, but things take the time it takes. If I want things to go faster, I need to dedicate more time and focus to them. It’s on me.

A couple announcements:

  • I’m hosting a Full Moon + Yule Workshop on December 22nd. It’s only $20 and in addition to learning all about this particular full moon and the history of Yule/how to make the best of both, I’m also going to be doing a live guided meditation, ritual leading, Tarot reading, and giving you PDFs to take with you. You can participate in the ritual along with me, and even if you can’t join in live, you can still have lifetime access to the video once you sign up. You can sign up here and RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Full Moon + Yule Workshop

  • Round 3 of the Stuffed Animal Sleepover is quickly approaching! And remember you have to work in the time to get your plushie friend to me (that probably means mailing them!), so check out the sign-up page and give your favorite stuffed friend the time of their life!

[pextestim pex_attr_name=”Ally H.” pex_attr_img=”https://uncustomary.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/unnamed.jpg” pex_attr_parallax=”disabled”]Señor Salchicha had SO much fun at his first sleepover! It’s so great to let the plush babies cut loose and get into some mischief, and I had a blast watching what they were getting into on Instagram throughout the evening. Mary is a great chaperone and made sure everyone had fun and got home okay afterwards, so I wouldn’t hesitate to send Señor Salchicha or one of his friends to a sleepover again![/pextestim]

Stuffed Animal Sleepover

  • The Self-Love Workbooks are printed and HERE! So that means if you placed your order already, they are about to be en route to you, and if you haven’t placed your order, do it now before they’re out of stock!

[pextestim pex_attr_name=”Krista V. MA, RDT” pex_attr_img=”https://uncustomary.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/unnamed-1.jpg” pex_attr_parallax=”disabled”]This Self-Love Workbook has the same traits that make all of Uncustomary’s works wonderful: creativity, playfulness, engaging material, well-organized thoughts, and positivity. I am a therapist, and I like using the activities in the workbook with clients to help them practice self-love. The workbook has helped me on a personal level, too, as many of the activities remind me to practice what I preach![/pextestim]

Self-Love Workbooks

Here’s what I’ve been into lately…

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Riding a colorful Ferris wheel at night

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Doing the Media Press tour of the Baltimore Christmas Village

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Finding the giant eggplant in Ellicott City

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Hilarious found parking lot art

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Joe telling the servers at El Salto it was my birthday and 100% surprising me

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
This happy robot

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Pretty decorated yards

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Everyone who came out to the Creatives Happy Hour

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Working on my Top Ten Things About November list with neon heart stickers

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
The pumpkins who refuse to relent or stop watching you just because it’s December

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
My “You Are Beautiful” car decal

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Hot drinks at a cafe

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Tinsel garlands forever

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary
Celebrating Cookie Day

[Extra Sparkle] * Everyone who came out to the Creatives Happy Hour at R. House and working on coloring projects, postcards, etc. while networking and eating good foods * Delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows poured in first (German style) at the Baltimore Christmas Village where we went for a Media Press Tour * All the outdoor twinkle lights * Seeing Baltimore from the top of a rainbow Ferris wheel at night * Hundreds of handmade ornaments organized by color * Joe and I each buying a Russian decorated egg * Geode mobiles * Flavored honey * Latkes with applesauce * Dogs in flower crowns * Outdoor photoshoot day with Maura * Seeing a little of the Hampden Christmas Parade * Snuggling with Molly for like an hour * Joe and Cristen trying to cheer me up * Joe cleaning downstairs * Maura making Focaccia bread * Watching Elf * Finally having enough hangers for all of my clothes * Doing little bits of guerrilla art here and there * Pup parents who wrap their dogs up in lots of sweaters * Being so Gemini sometimes it hurts * Ordering my New Year’s Eve dress and some other fun clothing items * Getting a Christmas card from my awesome neighbor * Hot dogs and mac and cheese for dinner * Monday admin work * A ridiculous article about a man selling homemade energy drinks he mixed urine with meth with * Randomly getting a $10 donation from a stranger who thanked me for being inspiring * Unexpected commission checks * Starting to wrap up end of the year loose ends * Finding out what I said in my sleep the night before * Rainbow glassware * Abandoned houses with amazing graffiti * Sunset over a haunted traintrack * Ellicott City running as much as they possibly can after the floods * Browsing unique gifts at antique shops * Seeing the fence I climbed when I was 16 to break into a haunted place and being really proud of my agility

I’ve been requested to make sure you’re aware of unusual holidays in advance so you can prepare to celebrate instead of posting ways to celebrate on the day they are observed. So here’s a new section of my Weekly Happiness posts with unusual holidays coming up in the next week:

Upcoming Unusual Holidays

5 – Bathtub Party Day
5 – International Ninja Day
6 – Christmas Tree Lighting Day
6 – Mitten Tree Day
7 – Faux Fur Friday
7 – Cotton Candy Day
7 – Letter Writing Day
8 – Gingerbread House Decorating Day
8 – Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day
9 – Christmas Card Day
9 – Pastry Day
10 – Dewey Decimal System Day
10 – Animal Rights Day
11 – Kaleidoscope Day
12 – Gingerbread House Day
12 – Poinsettia Day
12 – Cocoa Day

This is terrible quality, and I recommend watching it on Facebook, but I wanted to embed it in the post, too.

What’s on your happiness list this week?