Happy Sagittarius Season! Hoo boy, I don’t know about you, but I’m glad to be moving out of Scorpio Season. November is just a tough month for me in general, and Scorpio season adds an extra veil that contributes to my depression and ah! So much to dive into and sometimes I feel like the pool ladder got taken out and I can’t climb back up! But luckily (for me, anyway) we’re transitioning from deep, dark, emotional Scorpio season to one of the more happy, light-hearted, optimistic seasons of the zodiac.

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by Jupiter. Sagittarius-born people are usually confident, brave, funny, idealistic, and generous. They travel like crazy and don’t necessarily like to stay in one place for long. They enjoy the outdoors, focusing on the big picture, and advocating for freedom. They can also be impatient, pushy with their values/opinions, hyperbolic, and kind of brutal! They are really wild, honest, and deep and with those things comes intensity! There are several resources available to assist you with diving deep into the characteristics of this sign. Books like “Sagittarius” by Stella Andromeda are the ideal way for you to start if you enjoy reading. If you prefer video content over reading, then you might find Charlene Lizette’s videos about Sagittarius really entertaining. Astrological websites like Astrology or AstroStyle are another option to learn more about this zodiac sign. You might as well find it helpful to have a look at the brief characteristics of Sagittarius and Astrology-Zodiac-Signs’ Sagittarius summary.

Some famous Sagittarius-born people are Miley Cyrus and J.B. Smoove. I think I have more Sagittarius friends than any other sign. Sagittarius is my counter sign, so it makes a lot of sense, and I actually have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart! My Saturn, Uranus, and 7th house are all in Sagittarius. My Saturn placement means I have my own way of thinking about a lot of subjects that might not make sense to other people, and I don’t have wishy-washy opinions on things even if they’re misunderstood. I’m also more likely to be a humanitarian and concerned about giving back to society/others. My Uranus placement means I’m likely to be extremely intuitive and have (sleeping) dreams that come true, an active imagination, and a defiant nature (personally attacked). And my 7th house placement means I take one-on-one relationships very seriously, especially romantic, and as much as I love to adventure alone, I ultimately crave a partner who wants to adventure with me.

Sagittarius season is a time to be adventurous, to make time for traveling and exploring, to release control of the rigid details and regime, and to expand your world in all ways possible, including learning new stuff and embracing your passion for whatever you adore. There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Sagittarius season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

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Sagittarius Season Workshop

25 Ways To Celebrate Sagittarius Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Make The Most Of Sagittarius Season

1. Cross something off your Bucket List – Turn to your Bucket List and write down more things you want to do and edit/refine things you once were interested in but may no longer be; most importantly, start making plans to check some of those things off this month and long-term plans to check more off this coming year!
2. Be nonjudgmental – Practice releasing your judgment as often as you possibly can, and letting that be a gift you give to yourself; try reading Judgment Detox by Gabrielle Bernstein.
3. Pick up a new hobby – Make some time to research and incorporate new skills and hobbies into your world; learn new things and carve out room in your schedule for hobbies you’re enthusiastic about.
4. Travel – Plan travel, even if it’s just an hour away! But if you have the opportunity and resources to let you explore a new place, especially a new culture, really let your wings spread out and fly (literally?) to a new world.
5. Get out of your comfort zone – Say yes to something that’s a little out of your comfort zone that feels a little risky for you right now. Maybe it’s taking a bet on yourself, investing in your business, or saying yes to a new experience.
6. Look at long-term goals – Focus on your big, overarching, long-term goals for once instead of the minutia of the short-term goals and see what happens when you release control of the day-to-day restrictions you have possibly placed on yourself. What can you achieve when you run with your spirit towards your passion with your heart ripped wide open?
7. Listen more – Practice active listening, especially to those who might have a different opinion than you, and work on thinking what you want to say before you bluntly blurt it out.
8. Laughter photoshoot – Have a photoshoot where you’re laughing and then post those pictures up in your office/home.
9. Submit your idea – Pitch your big idea to the top dogs (a book idea to a publishing company, for example), and really bet on yourself and what you can achieve right now.
10. Expand your mind – Ask yourself what you can do to expand your mind more? Is it journaling, meditating, yoga, intentional psychedelic use? How can you keep expanding your thoughts, feelings, and conceptualizations.
11. Take a short break – Take a “cheat day” from your work out, your nutrition plan, your work schedule, or whatever other regime is in your life right now and give yourself some freedom to wiggle around and sprawl out.
12. Practice optimism – Look at the glass as half full as much as you possibly can. It’s hard to go from pessimistic to optimistic in a month’s time, but everything is about perspective and attitude. Having a positive attitude isn’t bullshit. Maybe start with a gratitude practice!
13. Look at other cultures – Educate yourself about other cultures and parts of the worlds you haven’t been to and would maybe like to travel to but won’t make it to this season. Ending xenophobia starts with education, so gather up knowledge and learn from others. Along with this, support marginalized groups with your voice and resources!
14. Spread positivity – Use your social media platform to spread positivity. Take that however you want! That can be to spread inspirational quotes, share images of cute fuzzy creatures, or shed light on important social justice issues.
15. Get outside – Spend time in nature. The places you explore can be outdoors on a walk or hike.
16. Laugh – Laugh as much as possible. Watch stand-up comedy, funny movies and TV shows, practice laughter yoga, spend time with funny friends, read comics and joke books, follow funny Twitter accounts, etc. Make time to laugh!
17. Start something new – Start a brand new project! It’s okay if you feel a little scatterbrained about it or during this time of year in general. Let your passion overflow into this lovechild of a project.
18. Be honest – Speak your truth as much as you can, but do it respectfully. Be honest, but practice not cutting people off or being blunt or brash. Listen, but not just so it’s your turn to talk. That said, stand your ground and stand up for what you believe to be right with your whole heart.
19. Read – Read a lot. Allow yourself to buy a new book, but definitely tackle that bookshelf full of unread ones you’ve been waiting to read. Create a comforting, cozy space for you to curl up and read. Educate yourself, learn more vocabulary words, expand your worldview, blow up your imagination, fall into a story.
20. Be in the moment – Stop checking the time. Put your phone and watch away and spend whole sections of the day where you actively practice not checking to see what time it is. See how it feels and see if you can get more in tune with your body. Also devote this time to things you’re passionate about and see if time seems to go by faster or slower when you’re unaware of the time.
21. Meet new people – Say yes to opportunities to meet new people and be social in ways that still feel safe and comfortable to you. Remember you can always leave, but this is a prime time to meet new people and develop connections.
22. Check your values – Check in with yourself to see if your values are aligned with your actions. If someone read your political social media posts and saw the way you behave in life, would they believe it was the same person? It’s time to check yourself and make sure you’re practicing what you preach! Maybe do some journaling or meditating about this.
23. Be spontaneous – Fly by the seat of your pants. Be impulsive, spontaneous, take risks, and string things together as you go! Try letting go a little of creating plans and itineraries in advance and seeing what happens when you just go with the flow.
24. Practice generosity – Be generous with others. Share your knowledge, time, energy, vibes, skills, money, etc. with other people however you can that feels good to you without you emptying your own cup. Random acts of kindness are great to do right now.
25. Unleash your real, deep, weird self – Reveal your true self to the world. We spent Scorpio season checking into our shadow selves, so now we have a deeper understanding of our whole self. Now break out in style and declare yourself to the world. Does that include a slightly amped up wardrobe, hairstyle, house decor, etc.? Express yourself!

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How will you celebrate Sagittarius season?

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