Hey babes! How’s life? I’ve already had a bank mishap in tune with Mercury Retrograde and am feeling extra chatty in tune with the Gemini Full Moon. Life is busy and sometimes I feel like I’m barely treading water, but that’s my own cognitive process that I need to break free from and decide to feel like I’m doing really well and acknowledge what I’m accomplishing instead of focusing on the deficits. It’s really easy to focus on the lack of this time of year as we reflect and think about the goals and intentions a lot of us set twelve months ago, but it’s so important to make sure we’re making note of what we DID accomplish and experience, even if it didn’t follow suit with our original plan.

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If you’re in the Baltimore area, I’d love to have you over my house this Saturday for a Postcard Protest Party. Let’s keep active in our communities about the things we’re passionate about! We’re in a marathon, and we’ve gotta keep up the steam of activism and positivity. If you can’t come this Saturday, what are your plans? Share below along with what’s been making you happy lately!

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary

Pictures from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Hanging out on a roof top in freezing temperatures with a pair of Irish twins, drinking champagne * Two people at a dive bar in pajamas having a very loud argument about whether or not K-Mart exists * The smell of Joe baking cookies from the kitchen * Full body massage * Letter writing party, and writing a letter as two different cat personalities to their owner * Taking a selfie with the reporter from The Baltimore Sun who interviewed me * Going to a press/media/digital influencer event for Baltimore’s German-themed Christmas Village downtown * Getting people to wear hats who usually don’t participate in things like that * Having clean surfaces * Being told you look pretty multiple times when you’re not wearing make-up and yesterday’s clothes * Cristen’s jokes * Getting Joe hooked on “New Girl” (finally) * My new alpaca friend, Felipo * Being first in line * Decorating for Winter * Alan’s cat who will only eat rolled up cheese balls on a specific piece of furniture * Tempura broccoli from Maura * How long my hair is getting * Hilarious texts from my dad * Bedroom decor that reminds me of an early 1930’s movie set * Being told I look “like a box of Crayola crayons” * Love note on my nightstand * Faux fur clutch from Studio DIY * Winter kit from Witch Baby * Money/dollar sign glasses * Reflecting my sequins tank top on the ceiling of a Mediterranean restaurant

Things to check out online:

I’ve been loving Gala Darling’s Wonderland Sessions every week, especially this one on relationships!

What’s on your happiness list this week?
Sending you lots of love and glitter!