Hello hello! I can’t believe it’s Wednesday because I still feel like I’m recovering from this weekend! I went to New York to 29 Rooms which was incredible, and Joe and I also celebrated our 3 year anniversary. No time to waste, though, because lots of stuff coming up the rest of this month that I can’t wait to share with you! Heads up! My book is $5 off this entire month is you check out through my publisher!

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Reminder! Only today and tomorrow to sign up for the Uncustomary Babes Awesome Plan Subscription if you want to receive perks for this month, like the amazing surprise package! Don’t take my word for it, listen to Ashleigh’s raving review!

“I am head over heels over her Uncustomary Babe “Awesome Plan”. I’ve been signed up for 6 or 7 months now, and the surprise goodie package that comes each month is so perfect. Every month I’m astounded and delighted by the stuff she finds; so many of the cute and fun things are self-affirming and body positive, and many leave me wondering where the heck she found them because they’re so unique.

Honestly, I was hesitant to sign up at first because money was too tight for me to just add another subscription. I actually “temporarily” dropped a different subscription so I could make it work financially, and oh holy guacamole has this become one of the best parts of each month. Am I gushing? Yep. Is it warranted? Abso-freakin-lutely.”

Awesome Plan!

PS – If you’re near West Virginia this weekend, I’ll be teaching a self-love workshop on both Friday and Saturday at the Mind Field Music & Arts Festival! Hope to see you there!

Photos from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Doing my full moon in Pisces ritual complete with the bath bomb from Witch Baby and some new crystals * Finally buying myself a cauldron because I found one that wasn’t black! * How when Joe came home and saw that I was on the phone with Laura he blew me a kiss * Finishing the album of affirmations from people who love Laura and giving it to her/seeing her reaction (see below) * Getting a lot done, even if it’s because I’m manic and not sleeping * Putting on clothes that just came out of the dryer * Friends who want to hire me for my services * Being scouted by RAW * Re-reading my first-ever digital product and realizing how far I’ve come, but also how proud I am of my past self * Two dogs in a stroller at once * Eating at a place called Farmacy that hasn’t been renovated since the 20’s * 50 cent paper hats * Thinking I’m going to run into Gala Darling, running into her, and her knowing who I am * Joe kissing my shoulder when we’re in Ubers * Meeting Veronica Varlow in person for the first time * Carrying around crystals in my bra that entice adventure * Our bus driver getting on the intercom as we pulled into Baltimore at midnight in this southern drawl saying some really funny, silly stuff that made everyone laugh * Reserving seats on the bus with a table because we’re oh so fancy * The fact that April is 40 and carries bubbles with her everywhere and will blow them no matter what her environment is (a packed queue, a bus, doesn’t matter…) * Sitting down on an abandoned chair in Bushwick to grossly eat UTZ chips, then pushing April around in a shopping cart so she could throw around confetti * The fact that April’s services list includes a Bubble Show * How lots of the artists in the 29 Rooms exhibit went way outside their comfort zone/usual mediums * Joe showing me that our shower head has a rain setting * Telling Maura I’m going to take away our best friend status if she doesn’t make me raspberry pop rock alcohol drinks * Being excited about the Mind Field Festival I’m teaching a workshop at this weekend * Getting Maura to one thousand likes on her Facebook page as she grows her business * Watching Slammin’ Salmon for the first time * My dad leaving a book in my passenger’s seat called “Sorry I Barfed In Your Bed” with a picture of a kitten on the cover * Ahleah giving me sincere compliments on my book * The way my nose runs after I tap/do EFT

Things to check out online:

I’m working on this project for my friend, Laura, which started out as a “30 Days Of Happiness” project, but then I got a wham! of Bipolar and also realized that she lives 30 minutes away from me and doing something every single day for her isn’t realistic, so I’m space the thirty surprises over a couple months. One of the things was that I contacted like 60 people she knows and loves and asked them to write down something they love about her and I printed it out on pretty paper, put it in an album, and gave it to her. Everyone asked to see her reaction, so I recorded it as I gave it to her which you can see below.
What’s on your happiness list this week?
Sending you lots of love and glitter!