Snail Mail Game Show | Uncustomary

So glad the Snail Mail Game Show is comin’ at ya for Round 14, and I’m so happy about it! For Round 14, the participants received a piece of paper with the outline of do not disturb door knob sign and the prompt, “You’re the owner of a themed hotel and you get to design the door knob hangers. What does the equivalent of the “Do Not Disturb” side look like?”

Snail Mail Game Show Round 14 | Uncustomary

Artist: Millie

I love that Millie included illustrations of what she’s probably doing behind that closed door! It gives us curious people a hint about how she’s spending her time and lets us know something about her. 🙂

Snail Mail Game Show Round 14 | Uncustomary

Artist: Lisa

Loving this ransom note mixed with the coded messages I remember from Highlights magazines! You’ve gotta work for your message on Lisa’s door knob, and when you finally figure out what she’s saying, turns out you can’t come in anyway. 😉

Snail Mail Game Show Round 14 | Uncustomary

Snail Mail Game Show Round 14 | Uncustomary

Artist: IdaMarie

IdaMarie went all out with both sides! She included a note that says the door knob goes to the Esteem Hotel where Mary England (me) is the Proprietor. I’m pretty into the idea of a unique, inspiring, self-esteem boosting themed hotel, whadda you guys think?!

And the winner of Round 14 is… Lisa! I will be sending her a prize via snail mail.

There are already people signed up for Round 15! You want in? Get a chance to express yourself creatively, share your art publicly, and possibly win a prize! Check out the official Snail Mail Game Show page where you can learn about the rules and sign up! And yes, you can sign up for multiple rounds at once, if you feel like paying for a few months all at once! Whatever works for you.

Snail Mail Game Show Round 6 | Uncustomary Art

Sign up goes from now till September 24th at 6 pm EST. If you sign up after that, your name will be added to the list for Round 16. Challenges will be mailed out around September 28th, and submissions will need to reach me by October 30th.

Questions for the comments:
1) Which piece from Round 14 is your favorite?
2) What do you wish was on the different sides of the door knob hangers at hotels you stay at?