Happy Wednesday! How’s life going? I’ve had this past week off my side job at the flower shop and it’s been like a mini, much needed, vacation! I feel refreshed and caught up. So wonderful!! Here’s two stories for you:

+ My summer purse is shaped like an alpaca (pictured below). To be honest with you, I got a little cocky telling people it was an alpaca because so many people said, “I love your unicorn purse!”, so when someone said, “I love your llama purse” and I told them it was an alpaca and they asked what the difference was and I realized I didn’t know… Hahah. So I researched and am certain that this is an alpaca, not a llama, and then this huge curve ball gets thrown in! I go to Scrap Bmore and they go, well is it a Suri or a Huacaya? And I’m like okay clearly I need to do some more research… So, I would like to introduce you to my purse for the summer… dum da da dummmm… Felix, the Huacaya type of alpaca.

+ I found out there are some GoodWill stores where you go and pay by the pound instead of by item, so naturally I went to one as soon as I possibly could. Things were way more chaotic than a normal store, but it was totally worth the hunt. When I walked in, there was a sign hanging from the ceiling with the prices by weight labeled on it, and this giant paper lantern (pictured below) hanging from it. I asked the cashier if I could have it, and he said if I could get it down then he didn’t care, but that it had been up there for years before he had even been there. So my dad went out to the car to get a step stool and I planked my space under the lantern while I waited for my dad to come back. But as I stood there the lantern just fell on my head, magically. It wanted to come home with me. There was no need for tools or ladders or anything, just magic. (PS – It cost like 38 cents.)

Photos from last week:

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[Extra Sparkle] * Tie dye to do lists * Meatballs * That’s Too Much Tuna * Being off work for a week * Char being okay after her surgery * Midnight bubble baths * My first grade teacher buying me a succulent and a peace lily plant * Doing a webinar with Mariëlle * Checking everything off a to do list * Getting superfluous charges dropped * Getting a massage * Trying all sorts of face masks * Ninja Turtle band-aids * Dresses with pockets * Getting back into regular Instagram use * Finding out Broad City is bleeping Donald Trump’s name in season four (hahahah yes)

Things to check out online:

What’s on your happiness list this week? Sending you lots of love and glitter!