A while back, I wrote a post about why I actually find the concept of nihilism to be inspiring to me because ultimately if nothing matters then I’m free to do exactly what makes me happy. I recently realized a lot of music I listen to actually circles around this theme of nihilism, existentialism, and the general not caring what happens/just go for it kind of mentality. I decided it would be fun to have a playlist with a bunch of songs about this concept all in one place, so here we go!

“If we’re stuck on this ship and it’s sinking, then we might as well have a parade.”
– Frank Turner

Existentialism/Nihilism Playlist | Uncustomary

Existentialism/Nihilism Playlist

1. “Skin And Bones” – Motion City Soundtrack
2. “Ghost Of Corporate Future” – Regina Spektor
3. “Photosynthesis” – Frank Turner
4. “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It” – R.E.M.
5. “Jesus Christ” – Brand New
6. “Hard Sun” – Eddie Vedder
7. “The Happy Nihilist” – The Classic Crime
8. “Ballad Of Big Nothing” – Elliott Smith
9. “Goin’ Against Your Mind” – Built To Spill
10. “You Only Live Once” – The Strokes
11. “The Stars Are Projectors” – Modest Mouse
12. “Blue Spotted Tail” – Fleet Foxes
13. “The Passenger” – Iggy Pop
14. “Those To Come” – The Shins
15. “Flagpole Sitta” – Harvey Danger
16. “II. Zealots Of Stockholm [Free Information]” – Childish Gambino
17. “Neverending Math Equation” – Modest Mouse
18. “Helplessness Blues” – Fleet Foxes
19. “Bamboo Bones” – Against Me!
20. “Time” – Pink Floyd

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Can you think of any more songs that fit into this category? Please share them in the comments! I might just add them to the Spotify playlist!