So first up, it’s that time of year: I’m heading to Playa Del Fuego from Thursday to Sunday. I have no cell reception and will be unreachable in pretty much every sense of the word. Thanks for being patient with waiting for responses, etc. till I return. Speaking of being patient, I also want to thank you for the past week. I went through a shitty med change that realllllly fucked with my head and it’s finally leaving my system, but I was in a bad way for a bit. So I apologize for being absent and quiet. I love you, I’m here for you, but I’ve gotta practice what I preach and take care of myself when I need it so I can be here for you in full as much as possible.

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Photos from this week…

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[Extra Sparkle] * When your bank balance ends in 00 without trying * Tracy Morgan’s new stand-up special * Chocolate chip cookies from Costco * Slowly chipping away at my to do list * Finally feeling like the terrible medication is leaving my system * Bug napping with my with his arm on my arm * Getting the best parking spot without trying * Catching 11:11 * Driving around a park where everyone is exercising and blasting “Eye Of The Tiger” to pump everyone up while yelling, “You can do this!! I believe in you!” * Watching your friends get rid of their last fuck * Having so many flower crowns I had to start hanging them on my wall because the drawer wouldn’t close * Watching girlbosses kick ass * My best friend getting the apartment she wanted * Janice about to graduate with her BSN and being excited for her to get her graduation present * Candid shots of me working on stuff * Getting Against Me! tickets for October * ASOS 2 day shipping (so worth the $19 fee upfront)

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What’s on your happiness list this week?