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50 Ways To Eat Pizza | Uncustomary

The third Friday of every May is Pizza Party Day and every February 9th is National Pizza Day! I remember when I was a kid, if we were lucky we’d get to have a pizza and movie night. We’d order a pizza from Pizza Hut and go to Blockbuster where we’d rotate who got to pick the two movies we’d rent for the week. Then we’d go home, pop popcorn on this old school kettle thing from the 60’s and turn the lights out to watch TV. We never had family dinners, didn’t really have any holiday traditions, but that is one thing I remember that we did as a family before things went south. It’s a good memory, and I hope that there are tons of families everywhere creating Friday night pizza-related traditions to look back on fondly.

An Uncustomary Babe asked if I would write a list of 50 ways to eat pizza, and a bunch of people were behind her. My immediate response was, “This is the list that is the least important to my business/brand/theme, but the one that I want to write the most”. Then I found out that Pizza Party day was around the corner, and there was no excuse to not make a list. So yeah, eat your pizza. Eat it any way you like with any toppings you like (fun fact: my favorite are black olives!), but know you can explore things however you want. There is always a new way to explore something. A different place to do it, a different way to hold it, a different perspective to view it from. ALWAYS. It’s true with pizza, it’s true with relationships, it’s true with your life’s goals. It’s true with everything.

So yeah, pizza. If you want to start your own pizza themed traditions, you might want to invest in some quality supplies, especially the tools you’ll use if you’re going to make the pizza yourself at home. Pizza pans make your life so much easier, and here’s a round-up of the best ones for you to invest in: click for more info.

50 Ways To Eat Pizza | Uncustomary

50 Ways To Eat Pizza

1. While singing the Bagel Bites theme song
2. Have a blindfolded taste test where you try to guess the different pizza companies
3. Kidnap the delivery boy, Michael Scott style (or just invite them in to party)
4. Dip slices in ketchup, ranch, or some other condiment that will inevitably gross someone else out
5. Only eat the crust
6. Fold it in half like a sandwich
7. Buy all the Little Caeser’s pizzas that are pre-ready at one location and say “Pizza Pizza” before each slice
8. Wrap the crust and smush up the cheese so it looks like an ice cream cone
9. Lunchable style: cracker, cold tomato sauce, uncooked cheese
10. In bed
11. Off your partner’s small of their back (make-shift plate)
12. Carve out a cat shape from the pie
13. Stack multiple slices on top of each other and see how many you can fit in your mouth at once
14. Wear pizza themed clothing simultaneously
15. Instruct the delivery people to organize all the toppings so they spell out “666” [I’ve done this]
16. Use it as the base for shrooms, obviously just like.. the regular kind
17. Shotgun it, Liz Lemon style
18. On the count of three…
19. Heat it up on an iron and or with a hair dryer
20. Cut the pie into a shape (like a heart!)
21. Make the taste sweet instead of savory, AKA dessert pizza
22. Have it cold the morning after
23. Put it on like, a real plate (bonus points for fancy china)
24. Try a knife and fork and work out your disposable thumbs you top-of-the-food-chain-bad-ass-you!
25. Have a contest to see who can pull their cheese off the longest without it disconnecting

50 Ways To Eat Pizza | Uncustomary

26. Free samples at Costco
27. Don’t even bother with calzones, Ben
28. Put the pie on a vinyl record player
29. Cut holes in the middle of two personal pan pies and use them as glasses
30. Take the cheese off and it eat separately
31. Make up your own song about how much you love pizza and sing it with your mouth full of it
32. Cut the pie in a spiral and eat a long ass pizza noodle
33. Come up with a pizza related pun before each bite — Take a pizza my heart, baby
34. Cut a triangle out of the center of the pie
35. Put your slice in a bag, and wear it as a necklace for later
36. Use pineapples and olives to make eyes
37. Fill up a pizza pinata with Bagel Bites (it’s gonna get messy and gross)
38. Put your cat’s head through a hole in a slice
39. Talk to your pizza; tell it it’s your homeslice
40. Go crust first (like a barbarian)
41. Get really freaked out at the fact that your food is cut into triangles and start ranting about the Illuminati
42. Chew upside down (I’m not responsible if you choke)
43. Lay on a pizza inflatable before you chow down
44. Plan an elaborate celebration for the delivery person, give them a trophy and stuff
45. Learn how to sign “more” and “pizza” in ASL and constantly ask for more
46. Put it on a burger
47. Eat a pizza flavored jellybeans, Pringles, Combos, etc. and compare it to the real taste
48. Heat up your cold slice with your car vent at 3 in the morning
49. Pizza someone in the face (like pushing a pie into someone’s face, except with a pizza)
50. Watch the Olsen twins pizza party video in slow motion