Hi everyone! Happy May! Are you excited for this new month? Please tell me in the comments what you’re looking forward to this month and trying to accomplish!

Did you know the first week of May is Postcard Week? You can celebrate so easily with sending one postcard! Snail mail is one of my favorite hobbies and passions, I love to express myself through that medium. Creativity is vital to self love! Snail mail might not appeal to your interests, and that’s okay! Just make sure you’re exercising your creativity however you can.

But if you are into in snail mail, you can actually write yourself a letter and get it delivered to future you! I offer a service that helps you accomplish that awesome task. It would be pretty awesome to get a letter of encouragement, praise, and love in your mailbox when you least expect it? Yeah, it would.

write a letter to your future self

Okay– onto some photos from my week. And if this isn’t personal enough for you, you can check out my recent post with 50 personal facts about me.

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[Extra Sparkle] * Salt lamp * Getting chiropractic work on my neck which is causing me migraines * Making my chiropractor say, “You’re fun and that makes my job hard.” * Being able to put my desktop together all by myself except for the speakers, and hearing Joe laugh hysterically into the phone as I frustratingly try to figure out where to plug the speaker cords in (don’t worry, I figured it out) * Ordering a bright yellow bathing suit before all the good ones are out of stock * Miniature party hats * Talking about marriage * Driving around with Maura half-heartedly looking for a park, but mostly just talking about weird people we’ve dated * The cat that hangs out at my local witch shop * Sealing up Round 9 of the Snail Mail Game Show * How fucked up Anthony Jeselnik’s jokes are * Writing in cursive * The combination of light pink and slate gray * Putting giant googly eyes on my boobs and bouncing around

What’s on your happiness list this week?