Howdy babes! How’s your week going? Have you claimed your spot for my and Sarah’s FREE live training on Saturday? Even if you can’t be there live, you can get on the list to receive the replay link! We’re going to talk about how to make big things happen without hating your life. Stay rooted in self love while going after your dreams, babe!

Speaking of claiming your spot, don’t forget to snag one of the remaining puzzle pieces for Round 2 of my Puzzle Art Project!

Okay, here’s some pictures from my past week if you’re feeling a bit voyeuristic and can use some color!

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[Extra Sparkle] * Old Batman movies * Seeing Joe in his flying squirrel costume * Making plans! * Lunch with Chaz of The Artist’s Compound * Sushi with Ashley, Bryan, and Ken * Sipping water outside a cafe * Watching Idiocracy * Every time Bernie wins a state * Sexual hand gestures * Coming up with a list of who I would want at my fantasy guest dinner

Have you ordered your copy of my book yet?! It’s on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books-A-Million, and of course my publisher’s site. It would make me giggle with glee if you got yourself a copy.

What’s on your happiness list this week?