Puzzle Art Project | Uncustomary

Guerrilla art is something very special to me. It’s something that can restore your faith in humanity, just by knowing that someone took some time on their own to make this beautiful thing and then share it with you, a stranger. It can get a person out of their comfort zone of being zoned out while walking down the street, and actually become engaged with their environment. It’s something that makes you smile, makes you think, and makes you create.

I’ve done hundreds of installations, mostly in Baltimore, but all over Maryland and in other states as well. I’d love to create an installation that incorporates the creativity and love from people from all over the place, though. Not just my own stuff.

Last summer, I decided to ask people all over the world to participate in a Puzzle Art Project for a guerrilla art installation. It turned out amazing! Lots of people wanted to participate, but we ran out of slots. I promise you Round 2, and here it is!

Here are the logistics:

+ There are 35 slots available
+ It is first come, first serve
+ All countries can participate
+ There is a small fee for joining
+ You’ll receive a blank puzzle piece in the mail
+ You can decorate it using any medium you choose
+ The theme must be “family friendly”, i.e. no pornography
+ You’ll need to post a photo of your finished piece to social media
+ You’ll mail the puzzle piece back to me

Once I receive all of the puzzle pieces, I will build it, glue it together, and install it in Baltimore. Last time, the piece was stolen very early on. This time, I’ll be getting permission to hang the installation somewhere safe so people can enjoy it for a long time! I’ll also take high quality photos of it which can be turned into meta puzzles you can order.

This is something that does not work if all 36 people don’t participate. That means that if you agree to do this, you’d have to follow through, and do so by the deadline.

The reason this costs a small fee ($5 for US and $6 for International) is for many reasons. The main one is shipping supplies, postage, and the actual puzzle costs money. In addition to those costs, your fee makes you more likely to follow up with your participation and we won’t have anyone back out at the last minute. You’ll also get exposure on my site and via the installation. This is something you can add to your artist CV!

I will get your puzzle piece out to you via the US Postal Service after April 18th. I will need your puzzle piece back by May 31st.

[edit] All puzzle pieces have been claimed!

Let me know if you have any questions.