Hi! I’ve been working on a lot behind the scenes lately, and I’m so excited to eventually reveal everything. A few things in front of the curtain that we can be excited about together, though, are my book, e-course, and zine! If you haven’t gotten your copy of my book yet, do it soon because the discount code (“SPARKLE”) is going away soon. And I’m loving seeing your selfies with the book as well, so keep ’em coming! It’s making me feel so much better about the 20 hours I put in making all those Kickstarter packages last week! Ah!

The weather is really warming up here in Baltimore and I’m extremely grateful. Wearing floral tops with no bottoms despite the wintery conditions has finally paid off and the goddesses of spring have bestowed awesome warmth upon me. Thank glitter.

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[Extra Sparkle] * Free Chipotle at a midnight video game release * Keeping the windows open * Bug yelling at birds * Seeing so many selfies with my book * Mailing out the Snail Mail Game Show Round 8 * Writing letters * Janice’s drawings * House Of Cards coming back on (and Judy being an extra in some scenes) * Green candy and decorations * Cristen giving me a yellow mermaid hook for my wall * Typing Joe a love note on my typewriter * Being on GoodReads * How fascinated Bug is with the printer * New global moon forever stamps from the USPS * Getting the postal employees donuts and sodas as a thank you/I’m sorry for all the work I made them do * Having an Amazon Author Page


What’s on your happiness list this week?