Hey hey! Today (the first Wednesday of April) is Walking Day! To celebrate, I’m sharing a video I made a while back of me walking around in Baltimore.

Also, I want to remind you there’s very few spots left for my Puzzle Art Project (Round 2). If you want to participate, do it now!

And I want to thank everyone who came out for Sarah and my webinar last Saturday. We were overwhelmed by your enthusiasm, feedback, and general awesomeness.

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[Extra Sparkle] * Rediscovering postcards I bought in Canada I had forgotten about * Photoshoot with Maura * Cute dogs in the park * Sending our invitations to my Book Launch Party * Bug hanging out underneath my fitted bed sheet * James coming to visit * Getting caught in the middle of a huge hail storm, and the wind blowing a dude’s yamaka into my face and asking him if it was a sin for that to happen as I handed it back to him + him responding with, “It happens all the time” * Awesome webinar * People reviewing and ordering my book on Amazon * APRIL (both the person and the month) * Joe being corny and cute * Fantasizing about the future when I’ll have time for penpals * Finding out there’s a Cat Cafe in DC

What’s on your happiness list this week?