Last Tuesday was pretty incredible. It was 11/11, one of my favorite days of the year. I kicked off the festivities with two tattoos! The first is pictured here: “11:11”. The number eleven is important to me, and it represents balance, magic, and integrity. Plus, if you catch the clock at 11:11 you can make a wish. The other is a quote on my foot that I will share as soon as it’s healed.

The rest of the day was comprised of craft stores, photoshoots, dancing, drawing, buffet eating, and getting way too invested in a nail art competition show on Oxygen.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Another day worth mentioning is Saturday, which I unfortunately have no good photos of. It was intense, though. After ditching a drag show, I went to Birroteca, a place I’d heard of but never been to. It’s off a windy road in Baltimore, making you feel like you just found civilization after being stranded. Our friend apparently works there now, and we got some drinks. I exited the bar a little before everyone else, so I could run over and have a conversation with the river.

We then made our way to Fells Point, where I walked past the line of people to get in, hugged the bouncer, and entered like a friggin’ rock star. The bar was playing the soundtrack to my adolescence and I danced so hard that I’m still sore and somehow obtained a softball sized bruise on my shin. I took a shot of tequila, walked outside, threw up while walking, and came back in to dance my ass off. Then Sara and I got up high and influenced the idea of dancing on the bar counter top, which we later got kicked off of. It was miraculous.

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Extra Sparkle:  this adorable kitty, “Boyfriend”  reruns of Trigger Happy TV  pouring glitter into capsules  Cooter text thread  window markers  half-surprising April with a flower garden in her front yard  us pranking each other and acting like we were the other person and getting in each other’s cars  watching old and weird movies on Joe’s couch while drinking pink wine  poorly lip synced drag performances  the stamp for entering a show being a hand drawn penis on your wrist  Laura Jane Grace  the mail social in DC  seeing Melissa’s new house and meeting her birds  getting asked to be an official contributor to Listicle  World Kindness Day  your reactions to my In Real Life post    wearing ear muffs in Michaels to avoid early Christmas music  getting featured on a blog list in the same category as Veronica Varlow and Gala Darling  lots of real conversations  suspenders that barely cover nipples  playing Marco Polo in stores  leaving gold sequins everywhere from my outfit  finishing a mail project  dollar mason jars  delicious fried rice at the ramen restuarant

What’s on your happiness list this week?

Weekly Happiness | Uncustomary Art

Some days, though, it’s enough to just dress your friend up as Lloyd Dobler in a coat found at a thrift store for five bucks and blast Peter Gabriel from her iPhone at her neighbors’ windows.

To know Cristen Hoyt is to love her.
Mary England is about to get to know Cristen Hoyt.

Sparkly yours,