Ahh! It’s Fall! It’s Autumn! It’s the best time of year! Check out last year’s list of activity ideas for this magical season (or see Spring’s, you stunning southern beauties). Get a jump start on your celebrating!

I’ve made sure to spend time with my friends this last week of Summer. On Thursday, a bunch of my favorites met up at a really relaxed tavern in Baltimore. It was the perfect end of summer blowout, and yes, it involved twerking. Below you can see the three important steps for twerking. 1) Try, fail, fall, + laugh. 2) Succeed. 3) Awkwardly slide down the wall in a way that all the cool kids wish they could replicate.

Have you seen neon fuzzy purses with googly eyes that have been approved by gnomes and unicorns? I’m kind of worried that my other purses were not approved by this prestigious panel, and think I should work on setting up an appointment with them to make sure everything is on the up-and-up.

Extra Sparkle visiting roadside attractions, like castles and dinosaur parks  butt dancing into my camera on the side of the road to “All About That Bass when my favorite energy drinks are on sale  new DVDs: New Girl season 3 and Parks And Rec season 6  Charlotte making me a ham sandwich  writing lots of mail  the way Joe orders food  seeing that the contact ID Ashley uses of me in her phone is me as a four year old  Against Me!  how cute Rocky the dog is  red polka dot shoes  friends who wear dinosaur costumes around the house  being introduced to new stand up comics  the barista at Starbucks suggested that he make my Refresher with lemonade instead of water, and loving it  stars on stranger’s ceilings  bartenders who know my name  meeting new people every single day  dancing around to Alanis Morissette  in Sara’s apartment  long, deep talks on porches  celebrating Cheeseburger Day  friends’ homemade zombie films  rolling down my window to tell a pedestrian how gorgeous her skirt is  the smell of the bakery downtown  how happy everyone is when the Orioles and Ravens win  people thinking I was respondible for the confetti and balloons at the Orioles game (I was not)

Another big thing that happened this week was the frosting food fight in the park. There’s more to come on that, so stay tuned. But here’s a sneak peek.

What’s on your happiness list this week? Share below!

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