Happy Spring, my beautiful friends in the northern hemisphere. It’s such a great time of year! Things begin to get their color back, including our legs that have been hidden under warm pants and leggings all winter long. I’m happy we made it through winter! Although, I actually feel pretty good about this winter. Yes it snowed and I got the cold/cabin fever blues, but I still got to do some wonderful things these past few months. I hope you feel the same way.

I’ve made a list of ten things you might want to add to your Spring To Do List. Feel free to add more ideas in the comments! (For those of you hanging out below the equator, I’ve got you covered. Check out the Autumn Activity List.)

Get your picture taken with the Easter Bunny

Have a picnic on a blanket with a really good friend

Fly a kite

Get a group of people together to make a May Pole

Get a bright and fancy pedicure to prepare your tootsies for sandals

Order a drink with an umbrella in it

Plant seeds (or seedbombs)

Clean your desk, closet, and studio

Make physical prints of the photos you took last year

Visit a playground

What do you want to get into this Spring?