I’m really glad it’s Tuesday and time for my happiness post, because happiness is all I want to talk about. Life is so beautiful. Always, but especially right now. I’ve been in Baltimore every day, having a blast. For all intents and purposes it is Fall, and I’ve finally been able to comfortably wear long sleeves and shop for Halloween decorations! This time of year is always brilliant, but I’ve been hanging out with some seriously wonderful people lately, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

On Friday night, I ran Baltimore’s Playground because Jason was out of town. I brought all the supplies (kickballs, sidewalk chalk, juggling balls, hula hoops, jump ropes, etc.), and sat to wait for people to come hang out. Lots of groups came by to play! Bachelorette parties, a family visiting from Denmark, and a group doing a bar crawl scavenger hunt. I got to help them with some of their hilarious challenges!

Baltimore's Playground

The vibe in the city has been different this week, because we were celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Star Spangled Banner being written. There were festivities all week long, and active ships cluttered the harbor. It was really cool! The big thing was on Saturday night, though. There were six different launching points for fireworks (plus off of two tall buildings downtown) that started at 9:30. I stood on a roof deck in Fells Point with a group of fun, loving, and accepting people watching the most intense display of fireworks I’ve ever seen in my entire life.

The attempt was to break the world record, and I seriously doubt I will ever see fireworks as beautiful again. Not only were there too many fireworks for you to see without constantly turning your head, but each launching point was synchronized. There weren’t just tons of traditional fireworks either. We had stars, American flags, “USA”s, “2014”s, and more. I clutched my chest and squealed involuntarily as an arm wrapped around me to squeeze me under the most beautiful Baltimore sky I’ve ever seen.

Baltimore's Star Spangled Banner Celebration

As much as I feel like I’m living on Cloud 9, I want to take a minute to address something: I’m not constantly skipping around and throwing confetti. Are the only shoes I’ve worn this week jellies? Do I leave glitter in every room I go in? Do I make drives to CVS after midnight just for Cadbury eggs? Yes. I also own a dozen wands, talk to dogs I pass while walking around, and tell strangers they’re beautiful… but I’m still a person.

I’m super sarcastic, laugh at jokes I’m not proud of, and get drunk way too easily from wine. I forget my doggy bags at restaurants, whine when I’m hungry, and have to take medication every day. I have a ton of faults.  I have no interest in hearing about your baby, but I’d love for you to put your dog on the phone with me. Sometimes I call people instead of texting them back. I’ve eaten a large portion of lasagna at four in the morning, I freak out about spending the night places that aren’t my house, and I think it’s been six months since I cleaned my toilet.

My point isn’t to shit talk myself. I’m a very confident person, and I love spending time with myself. I think it’s important to love yourself, and I encourage all of you to talk yourself up. My intention today is to let you know that just because I do fun (and strange) things, doesn’t mean I’m not “normal”; whatever that means. I still love laying in a bed, drinking directly out of a two liter bottle of soda, and sharing stories with someone I care about for hours. There are plenty of days I don’t even leave the house, and it’s not even because I’m depressed.

The things you see on this blog are what I care to share. The truth is, anyone can wear a troll wig and hang out on a bridge, and that’s what I want to remind you. Whatever fun means to you is what you should do. Sing your heartsong, whatever that may be.

Baltimore's Star Spangled Banner: Blue Angels

I still encourage you to take note of the little things in life. Be aware of all the beauty around you. If you don’t think life is beautiful, you’re doing it wrong.

Yes, seeing the Blue Angels fly in formation directly over my head was fantastic. But so were these things:

Extra Sparkle Writing letters at a mail social in DC  Drinking a milkshake on the top floor of the Shake Shack in Union Station  Seeing the back halls of the National Postal Museum  Receiving good morning texts  Watching people I just met swap clothes  Throwing gender roles into the wind  A deep fried cheese steak  Feeling like I was going to cry out of happiness twice  Hilarious YouTube videos  George Carlin stand up  The green creme in Halloween Cadbury eggs  Bug stealing noodles off my plates  September weather  Gluing fringe and sequins onto a half naked lady  Going shopping for sparkly clothes in a friend’s closet  Getting discounts at stores for no reason  Gummy Bear patterned duck tape  Seeing the words “Open Your Mind” written on some bricks in Baltimore  Crashing a fancy apartment building’s roof top party  Baked sweet potato tots  Getting my Improv Everywhere DVD (and crying while watching it for a second time)  Channeling my inner doctor  Boys who don’t care that I get glitter in their beard  Nicknames friends have for each other  Fortune cookies

I am wishing you a wonderful week, full of small surprises and joy. Don’t forget to sign up for my newsletter and get 200 free ideas for what to do when you’re bored! And if you want some more happiness before next Tuesday, follow me on Pinterest and Instagram!