Well hey there! Happy Underwear Day! What color are your undies today? I recently got some new pairs at Aerie, which is my favorite place to shop for all types of panties. Today I’m sporting these teal and yellow guys.

There’s more to life than underwear, though. What have you been up to? I’ve had a great week. Lots of delicious food has been shoved into my mouth, like super soft challah bread, runny eggs, and bacon from a local farmers market. I’ve also gone to a few good restaurants including fancy sushi bars, dive-y chicken wing bars, and delicious BBQ joints. At the wing place, I folded up a polka-dotted piece of paper into a mini fortune teller.

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness: Mini Fortune Teller

I had a really good day with April on Wednesday, where we did some random acts of kindness. We also hit up a thrift store where we had a crazy outfit contest. She blew me out of the water. (And yes, she bought the onesie.)

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness: Thrift Store Duel

One day, Richard and I spent all morning shopping! I got to go to The Container Store (swoon), a really cool consignment shop where I got two new purses, and multiple thrift stores, where I found these underwater themed gems!

Extra Sparkle:  naming my stuffed otter “Jasper”  a delicious s’more Richard made for me  submitting workshop proposals  seeing “Pitch Perfect” at an outdoor screening in DC  drinks at The Phoenix, and Nick finishing his 100 Beer List  remembering how awesome Panic! At The Disco is  the fact that the men’s bathroom silhouette at RA is a sumo wrestler body  stuffed animals starting to arrive for this month’s sleepover  doing my best to break down mental barriers  music from Kongos, Ariana Grande, & Meghan Trainor  Ashley wiping her sweaty forehead on the hem of my dress without asking  watching Matilda on its 18th anniversary  how much I love my friends  seeing “Guardians Of The Galaxy”  how insanely hot Chris Pratt is  color coordination  cereal for dinner  pool performance practice  absurd Snap Chat battles  hot air balloon stamp  leaving in the middle of dinner to go dance in the rain  weird videos on a loop in a hotel lobby  the fact that I still make mix CDs  getting caught up on laundry and mail  the way “I love you” sounds

Uncustomary Art Weekly Happiness: Sea Shell Gems

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