I try to have something on me at all times in the event that an opportunity for performing a random act of kindness presents itself. I make little envelopes for strangers, keep “you are beautiful” stickers in my purse, and tons of crazy and fun stuff in my trunk (even I don’t know what’s back there). So I’m constantly doing RAOKs just in my day to day life, but I don’t always document the small stuff. And even if I do document it, it’s usually too minuscule to warrant its own post. Today, though, I’m going to share a few things I’ve done within the past month that you might enjoy.

Sidewalk Chalk RAOK | Uncustomary Art

First up, I recently discovered some boxes of sidewalk chalk that I had leftover from last year’s Sidewalk Chalk Flash Mob, and I decided that it would be fun to leave them in a public place for people to use at their leisure.

Sidewalk Chalk RAOK | Uncustomary Art

There’s a beautiful lake near April’s house, with bike and running lanes wrapped around it. People are constantly there exercising and soaking up Vitamin D, so I thought maybe some of them would like to take a break from their power walk to draw something pretty.

April and I doodled on the ground, letting people know that George, this purple gorilla, would like them to take a minute to draw!

Sidewalk Chalk RAOK | Uncustomary Art

George was one of many inflatable gorillas that I purchased at Oriental Trading. After they were all blown up, April and I drove around trying to find a Jeep with no cover. Once we did, we threw all of them (except George) into the car, along with some sparkly gold garland. There was no note or explanation, but I hope that the woman with the Betty Boop tire cover appreciates the fun that awaited her after she left the hair salon.

Inflatable Gorillas In A Jeep

Another installation I did recently was a yarnbomb. I wanted to get across the message that imperfections are not only okay, but encouraged, so I purposefully haphazardly sewed a message into my finished knit rectangle: You Look Great. I’m actually really into how awkward, uneven, and splotchy the letters ended up being. You don’t need to be immaculate to be gorgeous.

You Look Great Yarnbomb | Uncustomary Art

Finally, I’ll share something I did for my friend, Charlotte, for her birthday. It’s not really a street art installation or traditional RAOK, because it was for someone I know on a special occasion, but it was still a surprise for her. While she was out one day, I covered the trunk of her car in dog breed magnets. She’s a dog trainer, and months ago she saw a rack of these magnets at the store and said it would be hilarious if she had one of each. I wrote a note to myself in my phone, and made sure that dream came true for her 26th birthday.

Have you heard of any cool random acts kindness lately? Check out the RAOK tag for some of my previous projects.