This week has been incredible. Without going into too much detail, things finally feel completely right. This is the summer of love, you guys. It’s a summer I’m going to remember because it’s full of hope, joy, and genuine connections with other people, both old and new to my world. When’s the last time you recognized the beginning of a new chapter in your life? Allow yourself to turn the page without hesitation.

I received this photo via text from Richard when he was in Pennsylvania. It’s a polar bear on a carousel, and it makes my heart feel like it’s dancing on top of a roof covered in remnants of silly string.

Polar Bear Riding A Carousel

One day this week, I went up and down streets in Baltimore, just looking at everything I could see from my car. I stopped my car to walk through flowers and climb on dinosaurs made out of metal, but mostly I just drove slowly with the windows down, taking in my favorite city in the summertime.

Colorful Baltimore Row Homes

Burlesque classes have started back up, I went to the zoo to celebrate one year of self-employment, and I won a cardboard tube fight (more on this tomorrow).

Extra sparkle: watching Zoolander  hearing a song that Carly wrote about me  getting a box of chocolate at a store near Ash’s house  dancing in the rain  taking the long way home  finishing my first art journal  getting a text that R baked me Funfetti cupcakes while I was in class  a beautiful sunset  going shopping for Jimmy Fallon books, dude flip flops, and caribiner  getting a drink with Mike and learning about baseball (“the man in the blue throwing the balls is ‘the pitcher‘”)  playing in the Lego store  booty shorts  delicious frozen lemonade  crazy cat lady pin  crossing things off my make out bucket list  the ominous look of giant escalators  crabs for dinner  a song Richard made up for me  getting interviewed for The Baltimore Guide  the best (milk) steak I’ve ever eaten  boys who smell like charcoal and taste like Old Bay and Natty Boh  watching Richard and Paul recreate the newspaper scene from Family Guy  getting back my photoshoot pics   beautiful advice from beautiful women on creativity and motivation

DC Zoo Photobooth

So how has your week been? What’s on your happiness list this week? Have you thought about starting a gratitude journal? Or perhaps, like Michelle, a learning logPS – If you have started a gratitude journal, please contact me for a future feature.

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