This week has been full of activities! My friend, Janice, flew in from Utah and spent the weekend in Baltimore. Her friend let us stay at her apartment downtown since she was up in Maine for the week, and we had a great time. It was really fun to live in the city for a few days. I can’t wait for that to be real one day! Although, it’s clear that I would be terrible at living on the third level of a building with no elevator.

One of the many things that Janice and I did together was going to April’s house after she threw a baby shower for her friend. We all know that April is the best party planner of all time, so it’s no surprise that her house looked like the most exquisite whimsical representation of Alice In Wonderland I’ve ever seen. There was also a face painter who covered my face in black light paint, and I headed down to the black light bubble room (which is just a constant in her basement) to take some pictures. Check out this awesome one April snapped of me!

Black Light Face Paint

Janice used to live in Maryland, so one of the things she wanted to do while she was back was eat all the delicious food that she’s missed. We stuffed our faces with fries doused in vinegar, crispy pizza, mimosas, melted chocolate, countless breakfast dishes, sweet tasting energy drinks, burgers, disco fries, crabs, shrimp, corn on the cob, queso dip, and decadent desserts at Vaccaro’s. I’ve never seen a plate piled so high with beautiful sugary treats.

(Ashley, if you’re reading this the above paragraph is a lie. I’m obviously still dieting and following your healthy lifestyle advice.)

Vaccarros Baltimore

Last week, I wrote about how first dates are beautiful because they represent hope. Well, this week I’m updating you on boyfriend status. Meet Brint. He is excellent, and completely gets what’s good and funny in life. We’ve been having a very good time together, and if you’re feeling like you need proof of his awesomeness, check out this text he sent me. Hands down it’s my favorite thing anyone has ever said to me.

Photobooth Brint Boyfriend

On Friday, a bunch of my and Janice’s friends met up at Crabtowne, a local bar/restaurant/arcade for a night of fun. After we gorged ourselves on unlimited (yes, as in never-ending) crabs, we headed over to the arcade section to play some pretty sweet games. We also got on the little rides, and Nick made us all seize up with laughter when he grinded all up on the pony ride, singing Ginuwine’s “Pony”. It was modern art.


Extra Sparkle: meeting Divot, Brint’s dog, who spoons with you like a person  walking around downtown Frederick  red pepper shaped twinkle lights  new curtains coming in  my legs healing after working out too hard  the wonderful custom patch that Janice made for me  falling asleep to city noises like they’re ocean sounds  mint and gold bathroom  how helpful one of the sales associates at Rite Aid was  walking around on the boardwalk in beautiful weather  going on a haunted house ride  getting my hands covered in henna tattoos  leaving inspirational sticky notes all around Meredith’s apartment  people dressed in costume and playing music in public  running into people I know downtown  getting home to see Bug  my new hilarious Mean Girls necklace  meeting new friends  how much you guys liked my paint project (feel free to comment over there and I might still send you one of the postcards I rolled around on)  classic Baltimore Hons

What’s on your happiness list this week?
May I say that your soul is sparkling today?!