Hello, gorgeous. Guess what? Weekly Happiness is changing a bit, and it’s also on a new day! From now on, you’ll be able to come see glimpses of my happy moments on Tuesdays.

This week, I realized how beautiful first dates are. Why? Because they represent hope. When you go out with someone for the first time, it means that you’re both open to the idea of love and connection. It doesn’t always work. Sometimes you fake being tired to go home early, but sometimes you’ll take him to your favorite places, watch fireworks, and he’ll buy you ice cream. Sometimes things work.

This week, I got teary eyed reading Caylee’s post about launching her business. It’s almost the exact same time last year that I quit my day job and did the same thing. I feel the optimism and potential radiating from her yellow hair all the way from Africa to my bedroom, and I want to say thank you all so much for the support you gave me last year when I made the jump, and for the continued love you send me by reading and sharing my work. Nothing would work without you. And if you could do me a favor and quickly click through to “like” C’s Facebook page, I’d really appreciate it.

Weekly Happiness Fourth Of July Fireworks

You know what else was wonderful this week? Fourth of July. I’ve always loved this holiday. It’s a time where everyone embraces color coordinating outfits, dancing, and sparklers. Last year, I shared my experiences with starting the dancing, and although that didn’t happen this year, I did have a similar experience…

My friends and I were in Annapolis, standing on a bridge and watching the fireworks explode over the water. A girl in a group next to us started humming “The Star Spangled Banner”, and I started singing it louder and we ended up having a bunch of people on our side of the bridge singing that song, dressed in red, white, and blue, watching beautiful bursts of light. I enjoyed the comradery of the moment.

Uncustomary Art Kid Stories

My dad found a story I told to my grandma to write down when I was six years old. It starts off sweet, recapping my family’s trip to the beach. Then it goes:

“Daddy put Will in the stroller. Will said, “Blow it out your butt” and jumped out of the stroller and ran to the play area. I couldn’t catch him. He ran to Williams-Sonoma and banged on the pots and pans.”

I loved it so much. It doesn’t take much to make you happy – but prioritizing your happiness is the best investment you can make. Making sure you have the best stuff like the best pots and pans, the best stroller, the best stationery. Whatever is important to you is worth investing in. Speaking of happiness…

Extra Sparkle: painting my legs and rolling around on cardstock  adding paper circles to my confetti wall  wearing American flag bikini bottoms for two days straight  going to open mic stand up in the city  finding a guy who can keep up with me  swimming around a pool on a noodle  someone who reads auras telling me that I have mermaid vibes  Mike playing 90’s songs on his guitar while we sang along and Leah hula hooped in the front yard  Louis CK  sitting outside, comparing online dating horror stories  personality tests  hot dogs with chili and mac and cheese on them  singing loudly while driving  changing the lyrics to “Part Of Your World”  watching fireworks and watching cars drive by and feeling like I was making time to appreciate the beauty

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Did I mention you look hot today?