In August, I hosted my very first Instagram Challenge: Uncustomary August. There weren’t ten thousand participants, but the people who did take part pretty much kept it going till the end, and that is beautiful. I really appreciate all the work you put into this challenge and the beautiful images you shared with me and the world of Instagram.

Uncustomary August: Instagram Challenge | Uncustomary Art

I’ve gone through and selected my favorite photos from each prompt and embedded them here. You can go through and “like” them if you want, or even follow people you find interesting! The post is super image heavy, so click through to read more. The winners are announced at the bottom.

Day 1: Rainbow

Rainbow kaleidoscope. From LGBT#rainbowflag put through Kaleider super duper app. #uncustomaryaugust

A photo posted by Heidi Rand (@garden_delights_arts) on

 Day 2: Random Act Of Kindness


Left this guy in a pile of potatoes at the store. #UncustomaryAugust #origami #raok A photo posted by Cara (@chewytulip) on



 Day 3: Favorite Summer Food


 Day 4: Photobooth

Small #photobooth collection I keep at work to brighten my days! #UncustomaryAugust #day4 #goinguponatueday A photo posted by MariaForReal™ (@jellytinkles) on





 Day 5: Undewear


 Day 6: Wiggle Your Toes





 Day 7: Pattern

For #UncustomaryAugust Day 7 pattern I love marbled paper and a sweet friend just brought me two luscious sheets!!!

A photo posted by Rebecca Kohn (@bookcharmer) on


 Day 8: Cats

Fasten your seatbelts ladies, it’s gonna be a fluffy night… A photo posted by Cassy Fry (@cassyfry) on





 Day 9: Upside Down

#upsidedown #UncustomaryAugust

A photo posted by Trine Standerholen (@trinestanderholen) on


 Day 10: Mailbox





 Day 11: Make A Wish

Make a wish #UncustomaryAugust #1111

A photo posted by Olivia Arrow (@olivia.arrow.dhamee) on


 Day 12: Yellow





 Day 13: Bucket List


 Day 14: Relaxation





 Day 15: Best Friend


 Day 16: Exploring

Exploring the horrifying contents of my closet. #uncustomaryaugust A photo posted by Leigh tyberg (@wonderlandleighleigh) on





 Day 17: Makes You Happy


 Day 18: Dress Up





 Day 19: Stationery


 Day 20: TBT Childhood

A photo posted by kate (@katisfaction) on





 Day 21: Favorite City


 Day 22: Water





 Day 23: Street Art


 Day 24: Collection





 Day 25: Jump For Joy


 Day 26: Dogs





 Day 27: Self Love


 Day 28: Glitter





 Day 29: Positivity

#uncustomaryaugust today is positivity. And not much else says positivity than @christielouwho17 with a pink Lei on her head.

A photo posted by Leigh tyberg (@wonderlandleighleigh) on


 Day 30: Play





 Day 31: Self Portrait



  1. @gloryfic – Free copy of my book
  2. @lawhimsy – Monthly Marvels package
  3. @trinestanderholen – Any one thing out of my Etsy store

If you won, please e-mail me so I can get the necessary info for giving you your prize. Either way, I really appreciate your participation! I think my next Instagram challenge will be in February– stay tuned! While you’re waiting, follow me on Instagram for colorful fun!