I’ve participated in a few daily Instagram challenges, and I’ve loved them! I think they’re great for planning content, and making sure you’re posting something fun every day! I looked around for an upcoming one for August and I didn’t see any, so I decided to make my own!

I don’t have have too many followers on Instagram, so I have no idea how well this is going to work, but I’m going to be posting, using this list every day, and I would love it if you joined me with the #UncustomaryAugust. It’s never too late to join in, as long as it’s still August, and you can always catch up on days you get behind on! Feel free to save this image to your phone, bookmark it on your computer, or even upload it to Instagram to use as a reference.

When August is over, I’ll pick my favorite post from each day and share your photo and Instagram account in a wrap-up post. Out of those thirty-one people, three random ones will get a prize! One will get a free copy of my book when it comes out, one will get a free month of my Monthly Marvels surprise package, and one will get to pick any one thing out of my Etsy store.

UncustomaryAugust Instagram Challenge | Uncustomary Art

August 1 – Rainbow

Capture a rainbow in the sky, draw a rainbow, or find a rainbow in an outfit or accessory! Share a photo from a Gay Pride celebration, or find the colors a prism creates.

August 2 – Random Act Of Kindness

Go out and do some good! I have a list of 100 ideas for you right here!

August 3 – Favorite Summer Food

Today is Watermelon Day, but that might not be your favorite Summer food. What do you really enjoy eating when it’s hot out? And it’s okay if you’re in the middle of Winter right now, play along as you like!

August 4 – Photobooth

It doesn’t need to be an official old school photobooth, but there are new ones in almost every mall, arcade, and boardwalk you go to. You can share an old one from a vacation, or go on a solo date to find one with a bag full of props! Try finding a booth near you at BlaBaBooth or Photobooth.

August 5 – Underwear

It’s National Underwear Day! Show me your undies! You can be wearing them, or you can display them on your bed. What’s your favorite cut? Do you even wear underwear? Ha!

August 6 – Wiggle Your Toes

Happy Wiggle Your Toes Day! Get them toesies in something comfy and wiggle ’em for me! Grass, sand, fabric. You could even shoot a video!

August 7 – Pattern

Patterns are everywhere, it could be the rings on a tree stump or the paisley print on your skirt. Find some sort of repetition and capture it!

August 8 – Cats

Cats are awesome. Deal with it.

August 9 – Upside Down

Hang upside down at the playground! Take an upside down selfie! Rotate a photo so the sand is at the top and the sky is on the bottom. Replicate the Spider-man kiss…

August 10 – Mailbox

Show me the mailbox at your house, your PO box, or the fanciest letterbox in your neighborhood! Bonus points if you take a photo of you actually putting mail into it!

August 11 – Make A Wish

What do you want to happen? Make a wish for it! Blow out some candles, kiss the clock at 11:11, or blow on a dandelion.

August 12 – Yellow

Love it or hate it, find something in that happy hue of yellow and show me! The sun, your bed sheets, a school bus. It’s everywhere!

August 13 – Bucket List

Share something that you want to accomplish in this life, or show yourself in-action crossing one off! It can be an old photo, but use this as inspiration to go out and get something new done!

August 14 – Relaxation

How do you practice self care? Maybe a bubble bath, getting a pedicure, or just lounging in comfy pajamas watching Netflix?

August 15 – Best Friend

Happy Best Friends Day! Show me that friend that means so much to you, your partner in crime. Tell me why you love them, show me your best friend key chains, post an adventure you’ve taken together!

August 16 – Exploring

Explore the forest, a museum, or yourself. Search, look around, start an adventure.

August 17 – Makes You Happy

Show me something that makes you happy! It can be something from today, it can be a list, it can be something that makes you smile no matter what.

August 18 – Dress Up

Dress up in costume, unusual make-up, or like you’re attending a black tie affair! Get fancy on your own terms and document it, babe.

August 19 – Stationery

Stationery porn! Ah! Show me your note cards, postcards, and letter writing tools. Do you have a super organized drawer full of supplies? I want to go to there.

August 20 – #TBT childhood

Bust out a photo of you as a kid! How have you changed, how are you the same? Tell me about those fashion choices.

August 21 – Favorite City

Maybe it’s where you live now, maybe it’s a place you only traveled through for a day, maybe you’ve yet to visit but you just know you’ll never leave once you get there. A city skyline, your favorite building, an event. Why is that city great?

August 22 – Water

The beach, the bathtub, your bottle of water. Go swimming, run through a sprinkler, visit an aquarium!

August 23 – Street Art

Find some murals, graffiti, or yarnbombs in your town or go out and install your own!

August 24 – Collection

Are you a collector? Most of us collect at least one thing. Show it off!

August 25 – Jump For Joy

Take a photo of you mid-air! How weird can this get? Take it even weirder.

August 26 – Dogs

Dogs are also awesome. Show me all the dogs.

August 27 – Self Love

Remind us why you’re awesome! Show us an affirmation you say to remind yourself, share a wonderful character trait. Practice self love every day, babe.

August 28 – Glitter

All that glitters might not be gold, but it’s definitely sparkly! Show me that glitter on your eyes on your shirt on your crafts. I want it, I need it, I can’t live without it.

August 29 – Positivity

This one might be a bit of a challenge to capture in image format, but you can handle it! How do you stay optimistic? What are you hopeful for? What’s positive in your life right now?

August 30 – Play

Don’t forget to play! Tap into that childlike wonder with sidewalk chalk, jump roping, or swimming in a ball pit! Nothing is too silly today.

August 31 – Self Portrait

This can be a selfie, a drawing, a mosaic. Your face is beautiful, and it deserves to be shown and praised!

I’m really excited to try this out for the first time! I hope you’ll participate with me!!