Today I’m going to explain to you the slight differences between self-esteem and self-confidence, blast through any limiting beliefs you might have about high levels of self-esteem being narcissistic, go over signs of low self-esteem, and give you tangible steps and ideas of ways that you can start increasing your self-esteem today!

Your homework assignments this week are to:

  1. Read through the blog posts of 50 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem and 25 Ways To Be More Confident and find at least one way that you can start implementing confidence into your life this week, starting NOW!
  2. Sign up for the free e-course on Self-Esteem (it’s totally free and a lesson will come to your email once a day for a week; if you’re anxious to get all the content all at once, you can get it for $3 in my Teachable classroom).
  3. Check out the Confidence Cheat Sheet and 40 Quotes About Self-Love downloads for additional inspiration (below).
  4. Do the Self-Esteem Meditation.

Free E-Course On Self-Esteem

Self-Esteem Meditation

50 Ways To Boost Self-Esteem

25 Ways To Be More Confident

40 Quotes About Self Love

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