Welcome back to another episode of Supersonic Self-Love! Today I’m talking about positive body image and body positivity!

I talk about my story with my changing body, struggling with self-esteem and poor body image (and an eating disorder), how it’s hard to feel love for your body when it feels like your body is betraying you (especially when you have a mental/chronic illness), how body positivity is for EVERYONE, how empowerment is different things to different people, how there is nothing wrong with wanting to feel attractive or change your body, and ways to start your body positive journey.

Your homework for this episode is to:

  • Fill out Body Positivity 101 worksheet (below)
  • Listen to the Body Positive meditation I recorded for you
  • Find a Body Positive affirmation and post it somewhere and/or journal it 15 times (link to 25 with an extra 25 quotes to download)
  • Pick a body part every day this week and list at least three things you’re grateful for about it (like gratitude journaling, but more specific)
  • Take a selfie where you feel beautiful and hashtag it #UncustomaryLove and tag me so I can comment and share

Body Positivity 101 Worksheet

Body Love Meditation Body Positive Affirmations/Quotes
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