Time to continue exploring my state through roadside attractions! Last time, I shared pictures of giant Pez dispensers and Mother Goose themed parks. Today I have nine new places for you to check out in Maryland, courtesy of Roadside America.

Attraction: Ouija Board Inventor’s Gravestone
Location: Baltimore

Roadside America | Ouija Board Creator Gravestone

I’ve driven past the cemetery on Greenmount Avenue countless times, but my search for the gravestone of the Ouija Board Inventor marked my first visit to the actual grounds. You have to go when they’re open, and sign your name and address into a guest book. The clue on the website let’s you know it’s near the P section of the cemetery. You’re able to drive your car on the grounds, but there really doesn’t seem to be a sense of order to how the sections are labeled. Even knowing that it was near the P section, it took me a while to find. So I’d like to add an additional hint, letting you know that it’s also near the M area, next to a curb that says “Willig”.

Obviously this is the coolest gravestone ever, and totally worth the trip! Plus, the cemetery is gorgeous and majestic on its own.

Attraction: Giant Crab On A Roof
Location: Hagerstown

Roadside America | Giant Crab On Roof

On the roof of Chic’s Seafood on Summit Avenue, you’ll see a really cool crab! His eyes stare right at you as you drive by or walk in. It’s in the downtown area of Hagerstown, which is adorable and kitschy, so you’ll have plenty to do after you grab a bite to eat there, or just snap a quick photo. Park in the lot of the restaurant, or across the street by the row homes.

Attraction: Golden Eggs
Location: Dundalk

Roadside America | Golden Eggs

You can Google the address to the Back River Waste Water Treatment Plant and go there for a tour, but you’re not going to be able to go up into these crazy looking domes because you won’t survive! Apparently they’re just for growing bacteria that breaks down sewage. Pretty gross, but if you forget all of that and drive on 695, you’ll be able to get a great view! The best view is between exits 38 and 39, and you will be closer to them if you’re heading west.

Attraction: Dwarf Soldiers
Location: Frederick

Roadside America | Statues

In a really great neighborhood by a park with a great fountain, you can find a house with a front yard covered in miniature statues of soldiers and Abe Lincoln. It’s really cool!

Attraction: Peace Candle Tree
Location: Frederick

Roadside America | Giant Tree Candle

On the exact same street as the yard with the soldiers is a giant candle made out of a tree, reading “peace”. What a quick and easy way to mark two things off your Roadside America bucket list! It looks really beautiful towering over the rest of the bushes, and it’s a very short drive to downtown from there! The streets are wide, and it will be easy for you to find parking at both of these locations.

Attraction: Giant Chair On A Roof
Location: Hagerstown

Roadside America | Giant Chair

The furniture store wasn’t open when I went, but I sure had a good time eating a taco in the vacant parking lot with that giant green chair in my view! Very easy to get to with ample parking in the lot.

Attraction: Frank Zappa Bust
Location: Baltimore

Roadside America | Frank Zappa Bust

Frank Zappa was born in Baltimore, so it makes sense that we’re paying tribute. This bust is on top of a tall metal pole outside of the Southeast Anchor Library in Highlandtown. The bushes, flowers, and trees make a nice scenery around him head, and across the street you’ll see a bunch of beautiful yarnbombs courtesy of Baltimore Threadquarters.

Attraction: Boring, Maryland
Location: Boring

Roadside America | Boring, Maryland Post Office

Yes, a city is on the list of roadside attractions. Why? The name is excellent. The town itself is incredibly small. It was actually pretty hard to find more than five things with the city’s name on it, but one place you can count on, even in a small city, is the post office. I honestly didn’t give any thought to finding the post office when I set out for my drive west that day. Thank goodness I had a postcard on me! I hope that Bonnie Jeanne’s card makes its way to her with a legible “Boring, MD” postmark, since I had to drop it in the blue box. (They’re only open from 9 to 11 every day!)

I was honestly unsure of the actual limits of the town, but the immediate area surrounding the post office sure was gorgeous. There was a patch of field I literally gasped at as I threw my car into park to get out and dance around. The roads are windy, the mailboxes are far apart, and the nature is vast.

Attraction: Giant RCA Dog
Location: Baltimore

Roadside America | Giant RCA Dog

This giant dog statue is of Nipper, a dog who sat for a painting. He’s easy to spot on top of the Maryland Historical Society building on Park Avenue. There’s plenty of street parking, but be prepared to walk a little bit. It’s also really close to the light rail stop on Howard Street. There are actually other statues of Nipper in the United States, but we’re one of two places who has a little gramaphone for the cute pup.

Don’t forget to check out my first round up of Maryland roadside attractions and check out Roadside America for fun things to visit in your area!

Which one of these places would you most like to visit?