It’s no secret that I’m terrible in the kitchen. I can’t cook, I can’t bake, I can barely use the microwave (and I’ve broken four in my lifetime). Recently, in the Pinterest class at BlogU, I was taught that all bloggers should have a “Food Board” on Pinterest, even if that’s not one of your blog topics. I started one, and have been pinning really colorful and creative pictures of food. I’ve also been loving the recipes from

I’ve actually been a little bit inspired by all the great pictures on that board, and think that maybe the time has come where I can learn some things about making food, and a good place to start is with something fun. I’m thinking that some recipe cards would be even more encouragement to tackle this goal. That’s where you come in!

Recipe Card Challenge | Uncustomary Art

Recipe Card Challenge!

All you need to do is write down a recipe on a card and mail it to me.
It can be mailed as a postcard, or sent inside an envelope.
International entries are accepted.
Cards must reach me by July 31st.
Mail your cards to:
Mailing Address | Uncustomary Art

There will be two winners. The person with the most fun, colorful, creatively decorated recipe card will win a $20 gift certificate to Alexandra Rae Design’s shop, where you can download digital recipe templates and more (like scrapbooking kits and e-books)! The person with the recipe I’m most interested in making win will be featured in a separate blog post, where I will actually cook your recipe to cross off “cook a meal that doesn’t kill anyone” off my Bucket List and you’ll get a $20 gift certificate, too!

You can use this coupon code “uncustomary” for 15% off anything in her digital shop now! You could even get yourself some recipe templates and use them for the challenge!

Recipe Card Challenge | Uncustomary Art

You might be a clutz in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, but either way you can participate! We all have to eat, so it might as well be fun, healthy, and delicious! Thanks to Allie for sponsoring this challenge!

Alexandra Rae Recipe Card Challenge on Uncustomary Art
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