Podcast Pilot: You'll Always Be Beautiful | Uncustomary Love

Hi! Welcome to the Uncustomary Love Podcast. I’m your host, Mary England, founder of Uncustomary, and this is where you want to be if you are interested in continuing your journey of self-love and body positivity, making time for your mental health, and practicing practical optimism. I’m excited to show up as myself for you and I hope you take away what inspires you to create a colorful, creative life that feels good to you on purpose.

Just to give you an idea of what’s happening with my podcast, this is a re-release. I was originally produced and hosted by a great team called Tin Can Media who has since gone on to pursue other creative pursuits. This podcast actually started out back in 2016 and I wasn’t very consistent with it, but I have been really called to get this back up and running and more accessible across other platforms. It’s been four years, so some of the material I am releasing will be dated, and unfortunately a couple podcasts were lost in my producer’s shut down which I am very sad about.

In this pilot podcast episode, I’m basically giving you an introduction to my story with struggling with mental illness and body image to help you understand why I am so passionate to talk about self-love, because I know what it’s like to be on the other side.

From there I move on to remind you that your body is beautiful, and it’s so interesting to hear myself talk four years ago. I’ve grown so much since then. But these messages are still true, even if I’ve evolved my language and learned new things since then. I hope you enjoy hearing a little bit about my story and a pep talk about how you can radically love yourself and your body!

Trigger Warning: Please be aware that I do mention things like mental illnesses, eating disorders, and self-harm in this episode to tell my story.

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