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No Diet Day is May 6th, and I’m a thousand percent on board. Choo choo! Here’s the deal, everywhere we look we see advertisements for things related to losing weight or changing our body shape. I feel like 10% of people on Instagram are selling those body wraps (props to whoever is running that pyramid scheme– but only on their business mind, not their product). It’s not just the diet pills that turn our metabolisms into speed, wraps that will morph your skin into something that seems thinner, and constant images of airbrushed thin women on magazines– it’s how we talk to our friends and ourselves.

There is nothing wrong with being thin. The problem is thinking we’re worth less if we’re not already thin. Being thin might be something natural to you or something you have worked hard at through exercise and eating healthy foods. Being thin might be something you’ve never experienced. There’s nothing wrong with any of these scenarios, but what is wrong is when we think we aren’t going to ever be happy until we’re thin. Don’t ever say, “She’d be pretty if she lost weight” or think it about yourself. Don’t judge a friend or stranger based on their size.

Body acceptance is just one aspect of self love, but its journey is very similar to self love. You can want to improve a part of yourself (or a part of your body) while simultaneously accepting and loving who you are right now.

No Diet Day - Body Acceptance | Uncustomary

I know it seems like a fat person telling you that you shouldn’t diet seems like I just want you to join Party Lazy. But just because I (or anyone) is fat doesn’t mean they’re lazy the same way a thin person doesn’t automatically have disordered eating. What I am telling you is you can be underweight or overweight and still be happy. Happiness is a thing we create, and it is independent of your size or BMI. I was underweight and miserable. Not because I was underweight, but because my mental illness and self hatred were out of control. Now I’m overweight and happy. Not because I’m overweight (or in denial about it), but because I’ve worked hard on building up my self esteem and coping skills.

Dieting is bullshit because it’s a fad. It’s something we do to lose weight fast. Maybe it’s for a wedding, to fit into a dress, to have a “beach body”. Or maybe we tell ourselves it’s for our own happiness. Let me tell you something: weighing less isn’t going to make you happier, and putting yourself in a state of constant hunger is going to make you miserable on the way to the destination you think you’re going to.

Eating healthily is awesome. It fills you with nutrition, energizes you, balances your mood, and makes sleeping easier. You’re not depriving yourself of calories, you’re not always hungry. There is a HUGE difference between eating healthy and dieting.

Fuck Dieting

If you want to start eating healthy because you think it will make you feel better, go for it! Just never deprive yourself of the food you need. One of my favorite quotes from 30 Rock was Jenna’s character about a diet she was currently on: “I’m on this new Japanese Paper Diet. I can only eat paper, but I can have all the paper I want!” It’s so hilarious because that’s really how all diets are. Cut out all of this one thing we know we need? Eat only one thing? Never having any carbohydrates or only eating bananas is bad for you.

You are beautiful as you are. Celebrate your body as it carries you throughout life, don’t punish it.

Oh, and to celebrate I also made a video of me jumping up and down outside topless with googly eyes on my boobs. You’re welcome.

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