My street art bag always has something in it, such as gifts to leave for strangers or stickers to place on poles. Sometimes projects are relatively small, therefore they don’t warrant their own post. Miscellaneous Street Art is a feature I will post periodically to update you on things I’ve done that may have slipped through the cracks.

When I was at the beach, I used all of the ten cent shovels I purchased at Ikea to create a ritual circle in the sand.

Sometimes I just leave goodies for people to find, and sometimes I make my friends come with me. Charlotte wrote some words on dinosaurs and stuck them all over Mount Vernon.

You may recognize this banana from my unconventional measuring methods. I decided it was time for it to go to a new home… but not before filling it with sequins!

Another thing that I do (that doesn’t always work out) is leaving disposable cameras out for people to use. I’ve received a handful back to develop (and the results are wonderful!), but more often than not, they get stolen.

The most rewarding thing is being able to actually interact with a stranger through the things I install and leave on the streets. So when I got a message thanking me for the dancing dolphin, I was ecstatic!