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Caylee and I have been working parallel to one another as we create our first e-courses. Mine (Self Love: The Key To Happiness) is on living a happy life through falling in love with yourself and Caylee’s (Level Up) is on leveling up your life through getting shit done. We are currently in pre-sale mode, but on Friday our courses go live and we’re extremely excited!

In order to celebrate, we’re offering you a very special limited-time bundle offer. Together our classes are worth $254, but if you buy the bundle before Thursday, January 13th at 9 am UTC (or 3 am EST) you can get both classes for just $144, PLUS exclusive bonus worksheets. Both of our classes are about personal development, and one way our courses intersect is through self love habits. Caylee is here today to talk about self love habits and I’m sharing my take on them on her blog, too!

Making A Habit Of Self Love | Uncustomary + Caylee Grey

Making A Habit Of Self Love | Uncustomary + Caylee Grey

Making A Habit Of Self Love | Uncustomary + Caylee Grey

How do self love and getting shit done work together?

The way I show myself love is by getting things done. There’s nothing quite like checking little things off on the way to something big. If I’m working towards something, little by little, I know I’m looking after myself and bettering myself. Being proactive is also the way that I prevent passiveness, which unsurprisingly encourages my sneaky depression. Taking the time to realise what’s important to me, and then actively working on them says “hey, you’re important, self, important enough to work hard and sometimes drink a little more coffee than is necessary”.

What are the steps to make a habit?

You can’t become Beyoncé overnight, you have to sing every day. Habits are how you get to your big dreams. Habit creation is really exciting because after a tiny bit of work, it ends up being automatic and barely any work at all.

Creating a habit has three steps.

* The cue
* The reward
* The routine

The cue serves as a signal that it’s time for your habit to get started. The cue includes the time, place, and any details that are important.

The reward is a little treat to reward ourselves for doing the habit once. When creating a habit, we start out doing it a little bit for the reward, then after time we crave the intrinsic value of the habit more than the reward. After we no longer need the reward and are doing the habit because it’s as habitual as brushing teeth, then yay, the habit has solidified.

The routine is the daily process. You experience your cue, you start the habit, and then you receive your reward. Tomorrow this cycle gets repeated.

How do you implement steps to create a self love habit?

You’ve first got to think about which habit makes the most sense to you and would show you the most love. Drinking a cup of green tea each morning might sound amazing to someone, but if it isn’t important to you or doesn’t lead to your personal happiness, then it won’t stick. Take some time to think about this because you should only focus on one habit at a time unless you’re actual Superwoman. Keep it small, and only have one new habit developing at a time. Some ideas for a self love habit include writing three things you’re grateful or happy for, indulging your creativity, meditation for mindfulness, saying something nice to yourself in the mirror, or one of Mary’s 50 Ways to Practice Self Care.

Once you have an idea, you’ve got to get specific. Let’s say you’re keen for a happiness journal. In 2012 Mary “forced me” to create a habit of this and it has been one of the best ways I’ve made self love a habit, so I recommend it. More specifically, I hand wrote down one thing every single day that made me happy in a journal. Now let’s add in the cue and the reward. The cue could be every morning immediately after waking up (before looking at my phone), and an example of a reward would be a bit of honey in my morning coffee. Sorted.

Now just repeat your habit every day for 30 days. Remember that maintaining a habit is way more important than doing it “properly”. Don’t stress about the perfect way to do things. Just keep at it for those 30 days. Eventually it will become second nature, and it will go a long way towards your self love and happiness.

Self Love Habits - Caylee Grey


Caylee Grey is South African living in Germany. She’s a maker and to do list checker who is passionate about art journaling, encouraging others, and making dreams come true.



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Making A Habit Of Self Love | Uncustomary + Caylee Grey

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