Let Happiness Seize You | Uncustomary Art

Let happiness seize you today, my darling. Maybe you’ll seize the opportunity to take the lunch hour you’re entitled to but never take, maybe you’ll say yes to taking care of yourself with some relaxation and stress-relief.

I don’t have anything super interesting or fun for you today, because the opportunity I’m seizing today (after having one of my molars extracted) is really diving into the notes I took at BlogU, and starting to implement changes that will make this blog the best it can be for me and for you.

There’s a lot of work for me to do. A lot. But I know once I start feeling more organized and on top of things I’m going to be so much happier! I’d love to have things in order by my birthday on June 21st.

Speaking of which, if you want to get me something for my birthday I have three ideas for you:

1) Share my Facebook page with one of your friends! I’m trying to reach 2,000 “likes”
2) Buy yourself something from my shop (that’s a win-win)
3) Do a random act of kindness out in the world and tell me about it

Of course, you don’t have to get me anything. Life is good, and you just being here is a gift in itself. I just know that all you lovely people are a lot like me and sometimes just can’t say no to celebrating birthdays with presents. We’re such silly gooses.

Oh, and you can enter to win $250 worth of stuff, but you probably don’t like free stuff so never mind.