Leotard Giveaway + Challenge | Uncustomary

Recently, I started working with my favorite tights brand, We Love Colors. You may have seen the first giveaway I did with them, for the imperfect tights! They’ve all been sent out, and I can’t wait to start seeing the photos pop up on Instagram of them on your gorgeous legs!

Today, I’m giving away forty of their leotards to US readers. They are long-sleeved with a zipper and mini collar. They are great for working out, dancing, or costumes! Halloween is coming up, and I thought it might be awesome for you to have these leotards to incorporate into a costume. I got my friend Cristen to wear three different costumes I fashioned for her so you could get some ideas of how you might wear them!

Leotard Giveaway + Challenge | Uncustomary

Leotard Giveaway + Challenge | Uncustomary

Leotard Giveaway + Challenge | Uncustomary
Troll Doll
(if you like this costume, you’ll like this post)

Want to win a free leotard? Here’s what you need to do (please read everything!):

Step 1) Figure out what size you are.

These leotards are cut small. I have them in Large, XL, XXL, and XXXL and the XXXL does not fit me. Cristen is wearing an XL in these photos, and she is usually a medium or size 10.

The below information is how the leotard is labeled, what I think the size would be in general, and then the measurements of the leotard when laid on the floor. The material is definitely stretchy, but I just want to give you an idea of the size increments.

Labeled Large, Actually S/M — Girth- 26 inches, Waist- 13 inches
Labeled XL, Actually M/L — Girth- 28 inches, Waist- 15 inches
Labeled XXL, Actually XL — Girth- 29 inches, Waist- 16 inches
Labeled XXXL, Actually XL/XXL — Girth- 30 inches, Waist- 17 inches

2. Agree that upon receiving your new leotard, you’ll:

+ Put it on and take a picture of you wearing it to post to social media (either Facebook or Instagram). You don’t have to style it into a costume. You can wear it under a skirt, by itself, or however you want!
+ Use #Uncustomary Love, #WeLoveColorsUSA and/or #WeLoveColorsCurvy in your post.
+ Write one thing you love about yourself in the caption.

(All of this will be laid out in instructions in your package.)

Step 3) Pay for shipping.

As much as I would love for these leotards to appear on your front doorstep with no additional cost to you, postage and shipping supplies aren’t free and I don’t have the funds to bank roll that. Unfortunately, this giveaway will only be shipped to people in the United States. It will cost $3.70 for your leotard to ship to your US address.

(Keep in mind that if you were ordering these leotards directly you’d be paying $25-31 + $5 for shipping.)

Step 4) Sign up for my newsletter.

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If you’re already subscribed that’s okay, you can skip this step.

Additional Info:

+ Only the first 40 people will get leotards. Remember you must be in the US! (I promise to do more international giveaways soon.)
+ I only have 10 of each size. The PayPal button will redirect you to a Sold Out page if your size is all out.
+ There are a variety of colors like black, white, nude, green, yellow, orange, magenta, blue, etc. You’re taking a chance here that you might not like your color. If there is a color you definitely don’t want for some important reason, e-mail me. Otherwise it will be random!
+ The person with my favorite photo will get a prize from me!

Ready to check out?


Also, it’s not required, but it would be really great if you could “like” We Love Colors and/or We Love Colors Curvy on Facebook! They’re so cool for doing this! And speaking of cool, thanks to Cristen for modeling for me! You can follow her Instagram.

Let me know if you have any questions! I will edit this post when all the leotards have been claimed.

We Love Colors is currently holding a Halloween contest, but unfortunately the leotards you win from this giveaway can not be used to enter. You must use a product you directly purchased from them.