Goodbye Leo Season, you’ve been good to me.

Leo Season Has Been Good To Me | Uncustomary

Despite the time of year where my brain tries to trick me into questioning my worth even after all these years of therapy, coaching, and thought work, I still find extra inspiration in this time, if only because I’m reminded of how amazing I can be.

This Season, I…

  • Wore almost exclusively leopard print and red monochrome power outfits, or bathing suits and crop tops
  • Took adventures that didn’t need to cost any money
  • Spent even more time naked than usual, especially in public
  • Embraced my inner goddess
  • Hosted an amazing Leo Season Workshop
  • Told myself I loved myself in the mirror every single day
  • Took more self-care days than I’ve needed to in a very long time
  • Allowed myself to be inspired by new content every single day
  • Had no problem getting Joe to wear my clothes
  • Howled off a graffitied cliff into the sunset

Leo Season Has Been Good To Me | Uncustomary

Today is the New Moon, and even though Leo Season is coming to a close, I know that I can take these feelings with me into every day as I also hold space for the new exciting energy of Virgo Season and what is to come! (I’ve already started decluttering and cleaning my wardrobe!)

I don’t have to wait for Leo Season to wear leopard print, and I don’t need to wait till Virgo Season to organize something. These are just nice reminders. Stay tuned for the next monthly workshop, and let me know if you do something special for tonight’s moon as we transition!

Leo Season Has Been Good To Me | Uncustomary

I look forward to every Zodiac Season in a unique way. I think it’s a great way to celebrate different energies and tap into elements of our spirit and life that we take for granted, just like I intend to do with Unusual Holidays.

Forgot about S’mores? There’s an Unusual Holiday to celebrate that! Forgot about courage and self-confidence? There’s a whole Zodiac Season to honor that!

Of course we can do these things at any time of year, or all year round! These just give us an opportunity to check in with ourselves and remind us of what we might be out of balance with or what we’ve been taking for granted.

Leo Season Has Been Good To Me | Uncustomary

To honor and take this season out with a bang, I decided to do a whole damn look for a photoshoot. Good, right?

Leo Season Has Been Good To Me | Uncustomary

I got Joe to do it with me. I love that he did this and his only hard limits were no scrunchie, bracelets, or lipstick. Listening to Katy Perry wearing my clothes and mooning the camera was totally cool. He is a Leo by the way if you couldn’t tell.

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for a dance video.