Here we go! You might be picking yourself off the ground and wiping your eyes to do it, but we’re walking into Leo Season with our heads held high because we are about to start feeling ourselves hard, and feeling passionate about life and love more in general. After a very introspective, deep, emotional Cancerian Season, it can really lift our spirits, but definitely feel a little polar to where we feel like we were just standing, even if we think we’re ready for it!

Remember: even if you’re shy to astrology, I think this monthly checklist series, a bucket list of sorts, can be helpful to get you to focus on different areas of your life and maintain that balance year-round. And hey– if magical cosmos are in your favor and helping you along the way, who are you to complain?

Leo is a fire sign ruled by the mighty Sun. Leos are usually pretty big personalities. They’re charismatic, confident, and care about how they look (think about a lion taming its lovely mane). I mentioned that this season is about to get passionate, and Leos are passionate about everything. Their hobbies, their outlook on life (usually more optimistic than average), and love. Oh do Leos love to love! And it’s not just romantic love with a partner. Leos are great at self-love and solo dates. They’re honestly just happy, creative, and fun to be around. The counter points, because it’s never too good to be true, are that Leos can get self-centered, arrogant, and obsessed with their physical appearance. They can take it personally when someone isn’t paying attention to them and misinterpret why that’s happening. As confident as a Leo has the capacity to be, they are absolutely their own worst critic, and it can get pretty harsh in that beautiful head of theirs.

Some famous Leos are Jennifer Lawrence and Terry Crews. Makes sense, right? I actually only have one house in Leo in my chart, and it’s in my Fourth House which is at its simplest explanation, about your family. At first glance it seems strange because I have an extremely complicated relationship with my family and pretty much have only ever liked two people in my biological family and one of them is deceased. But upon closer inspection, you see that it actually means that it was really likely that I grew up with one parent at home, which is true. My mom did work, but she worked for herself out of the house, so we never needed day care or anything like that. It also says that one of my parents was very dominant in my life, and that’s extremely true. I left home and do not have a speaking relationship with my mom, but absolutely adore my dad. It means I enjoyed being the center of attention as I grew up and that I make a very intentional effort to have a physical space or items in my home that feel physically comforting to me so I can come to them when I return to the place I’m currently living. All true!

Leo Season is the perfect time to reignite your passions, embrace your child-like ability to play, boost your confidence, and live loudly, whether that’s taking an adventure or spiking up that gorgeous mane of yours in a beautiful act of self-expression. There are a ton of things you can do to celebrate Leo Season, but let’s take a look at the 25 ways I came up with for you to start with!

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25 Ways To Celebrate Leo Season | Uncustomary

25 Ways To Celebrate Leo Season

1. Use Style For Self-Expression – Tame that beautiful lion’s mane however you feel like! Now is the time to not only make sure you feel beautiful, but to try adventurous styles and channel your current creativity and journey through visual self-expression in fashion, make-up, hairstyles, home decor, etc. So go get that fancy new hair cut, and don’t forget the hot selfie! (See 50 Ways To Take A Creative Selfie)

2. Build Your Confidence – I want to hear you roar like the bad ass lion you are! Stand up for yourself! You are not a doormat, so make sure you’re counterbalancing any areas where you might being taken advantage of in your life. You are the master of your life. You are brave, you are courageous. Roar! Seriously, practice roaring like a lion out loud! If you need some inspiration, listen to Katy Perry’s “Roar” to get going. (Bonus points if you symbolically adopt a lion online!)

3. Network And Self-Promote – Go to an event where you’ll have the opportunity to meet people in your field, or an event specifically made for that purpose! Hand out your business cards, make connections, and then actually do something with those business cards and connections! Don’t collect people, turn those interactions into future collaborations and experiences. And go hard with promoting yourself. Pimp yourself out and don’t sell yourself short. If you don’t have business cards, make them. Post your art on Facebook. Raise your prices. Tell yourself in the mirror that you know you’re talented, believe it, and pitch your dream idea to a top cat (or lion). It’s also good balance to promote the people that you are passionate about, believe in, and love. What goes around comes around, and a rising tide raises all ships!

4. Be Passionate – Let your inner fire burn bright right now. Stop giving time to things you’re putting on your to do list that aren’t a “FUCK YES” in your heart. And for those things that are a Fuck Yes, start doing them. Make time for them. Fall deep into them. Find creative solutions to obstacles so you can keep them in your life. Fight for what you love. And start practicing emoting your excitement for things with smiles, giggles, jumping up and down.

5. Get Romantic – Plan a special romantic evening with someone you love (maybe something extra intimate like a dinner over candlelight at home, or something extravagant where you can show off in public). Practice your flirting — channel a peacock expanding their bright beautiful feathers. (See Romance Kit In A Jar)

6. Romance Yourself – Romance isn’t reserved for more than one person at a time. Ignite romance within yourself with sex, masturbation, (solo) dates, crying sessions, art time, whatever! Send yourself flowers, buy yourself a new outfit or piece of jewelry; really romance yourself. (See 50 Solo Dates)

7. Spice It Up – Literally! Not just with passion and romance, but with your food! Challenge your taste buds with some daring spicy herbs and hot sauces. Order the spicier version on the menu, and look up recipes that can incorporate spicy ingredients. You could have a pepper eating challenge with a friend!

8. Watch Your Ego – I know I told you to work on building your confidence, but remember balance! There can be extremes with anything, and sometimes in Leo Season, we can feel ourselves so much we get a little out of control. What I mean by that is that the world doesn’t revolve around us (even though Leo is ruled by the Sun)! Make sure you’re not taking advantage of anyone. Check in with the people you care about and make sure they’re being heard. Take them out to eat or get them a small token to let them know you’re thinking about them. Don’t let your ego outweigh your relationships. We can love ourselves and nurture our loved ones, too.

9. Embrace Your Inner Child – Practice playing on purpose with purposeless-ness! Absolutely refuse to act your age right now, because what does that even mean anyway? All work and no play is boring, and all play and no work might mean we can’t pay rent. But if we have to pick one of these mantras to follow right now, it’s all play and no work, for sure! (See 25 Ways To Embrace Your Inner Child)

10. Be Aware Of Drama – You’re likely to notice dramatic things happening during this season. It just crawls out of the woodwork whether you want it to or not. You have two options. You can binge-watch it from afar like you’re reading a trashy magazine, eating popcorn like NOM NOM NOM this is entertaining! Or you can create a boundary to avoid it entirely because you don’t want to get distracted by it. But I don’t recommend actually getting involved in it personally. If you want to embrace the drama by acknowledging it as an entertaining entity, this is the time. But don’t let it run your life. This is also a very good time to detox and release aggression, shallowness, stubbornness, and dysfunctional relationships. That kind of all comes with “drama”.

11. Socialize – It’s a good time to practice your socializing skills and build your confidence around people. Parties are a good place to network, promote yourself, take a date, show off your new style, practice telling stories, and even find a bit of drama from a safe distance! Remember it doesn’t actually have to be a party. Social anxiety is real, and maybe now you just want to try committing to and following through on a lunch date with one friend at a time.

12. Allow Yourself To Not Be The Center Of Attention – Leo energy naturally gravitates to the center of the room, the sunburst center of attention you can’t look away from. But remember that we want to keep balance with our egos and how we socialize. If we’re always talking or performing, it’s not a very balanced conversation! Take yourself out of the spotlight and listen on purpose. Something else to consider is a small break from social media. You might have an issue with needing to feel like you’re seen and feeling like everyone knows you’re out there shining, living an amazing life. So live your life for you for a couple days without sharing it with the internet and see how you feel! You’ll still shine as brightly, it just won’t be from the back light of a smartphone.

13. Tell Stories – Storytelling is an art and also a form of playing for children and adults. I’m not talking about lying, although you could interpret this as an opportunity to tell a story through a fictional book or play! I’m actually talking about interacting with people and just telling them about something that happened. Use facial expressions and hand gestures and lots of details! Be emphatic and make the person listening feel like they were there when it happened! If you can tell a story like that, you’ll definitely be the center of attention and feel confident of your socializing skills and proud of the memory you previously lived.

14. Splurge – It’s okay to go over the top right now if you can afford it, even if it’s only in small ways. Get the guacamole even if it’s extra, or book yourself a six hour spa day. Whatever you can afford! Maybe it means taking a break on your structure/routine. Maybe it means bingeing on a TV show no one else wants to watch with you. Channel Tom and Donna and Treat Yo Self!

15. Connect With The Sun – Leo is ruled by the sun, so get outside and don’t forget the SPF! Do some Sun Salutations (yoga poses), sun bathe, do hot yoga, get a sun or fire totem to wear or put on your altar, focus on flames/do a candle gazing meditation, or do a fire-themed craft. While you’re working or after, you can cool off with something citrus-flavored or some sun tea.

16. Feel Yourself – Really get into how you love yourself. Go over the top (because you can’t go over the top with loving yourself)! Hire a photographer and get some fresh photos you can gush over how great you look in, and/or use on dating sites. Take a ton of selfies in lingerie or nude. Masturbate (in a mirror). Take risks. Wear the outfit that’s “for later”. Set up a catwalk in your house and walk it with attitude! Bonus points for video footage or also utilizing actual cats on your catwalk.

17. Eat Heart Healthy – Leo rules the heart, so it’s a great idea to eat foods that are good for your heart! Ideas are almonds, walnuts, berries, soy/tofu, green veggies, spinach, cantaloupe, whole grains/oats, avocados, beans, garlic, and edamame.

18. Enjoy Performing Arts – Many Leos are performance artists of some kind because they love to be on stage and definitely love the applause! Why not try performing yourself? You could check out an open mic night, take a class to learn something new (Mime, anyone?), or get back into an art you miss from a while ago. You can also enjoy existing performing arts like go to a concert or orchestra, see a play, update your playlists/music collection, explore new genres, have a solo (naked) dance party with glow sticks in your bedroom, etc.

19. Try Kundalini – Leo not only rules the heart, it rules the spine. Kundalini is a Hindu term for the divine energy that is located at the base of the spine and there is an entire energy practice based around it! You can look up exercises in Kundalini for flexibility of the spine for our purposes, but it’s also great for all sorts of other things!

20. Sit Up Tall – Speaking of your back, a great way to not only look more confident, but to actually feel it, is to practice good posture. Sit up tall, straight, and strong! It will help with pain, make you look confident, and genuinely does make you feel more ready to conquer things. Channel royalty sitting boldly at their thrown as you sit or stand throughout the day.

21. Log Your Praise – We all need to hear we’re doing well, and compliments feel so good to receive, especially when we were worried about that specific thing and we receive validation for it! Really, we should get our confidence from within, but there isn’t anything wrong from allowing praise to boost you up! You know what’s smart, though? To keep a log of all the compliments and praise you receive. Seriously. Like in a journal, a note on your phone, or in an online document. Things people text you, say online, or say out loud to you in person. Write it all down. Even if you can’t remember it exactly. Write who said it, for sure, but you can also add other things like, what date it was, where you were, how you felt about it, etc. When you’re having a hard time, come back to this log and read all the wonderful things people have said about you, and watch how your spirit rises!

22. Laugh – Do things that are surely going to make you laugh; spend time with funny friends, go to see stand-up in person or watch your favorite comedians on Netflix at home.

23. Hang Up Mirrors – Are there mirrors in your house or just in the bathroom? Put more up! Okay, more! I want you to see yourself often. And I want you to take time every day to make eye contact with yourself in the mirror. (Bonus points if you do some Mirror Work, too!) I also want you to get at least one full length mirror and stand naked in front of it. And then not put your clothes back on immediately. Five minutes of naked time. Uncustomary ordered.

24. Wear Your Heart On Your Wrist – Leos are so romantic, they fit that old expression of wearing their heart on their sleeve. What if you did that? You could sew a little heart patch on a sleeve of a special shirt or hoodie. But you could also draw a heart on your wrist every day or get a piece of jewelry that has a heart on it!

25. Get Accessorized – It’s not enough, it’s never enough! Get more jewelry, more purses, more shoelaces, more sunglasses, more scarves, more whatever you like! You don’t have to spend a ton, you can get them at thrift stores. Or you could just actually start wearing the things you have that you say you’re going to wear and never do. What if you wore them all at once? Oh, and don’t forget crowns, you royal babe, you.

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How will you celebrate Leo season?

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