In lieu of a “Weekly Happiness” post this week, I’m sharing a happy-based guerrilla art project I did. I’ve just felt like too many of my posts lately have been personal, and I want to make sure I’m entertaining you as much as I am myself!

Honk If You're Happy | Uncustomary Art

For one of my 365 Days Of Guerrilla Art, I stood on a street corner in Baltimore while holding a sign that read “Honk If You’re Happy” and crossed my fingers that people were happy enough to do so!

Honk If You're Happy | Uncustomary Art

Luckily, the reactions were amazing and consistent. I didn’t stay out there terribly long because it was freezing, and that hoodie just wasn’t cutting it. But from the moment I walked down the sidewalk with that sign, the honks starting happening. I had people take my picture, smile, wave, and whistle. It was great! I even got a honk from an ambulance.

Honk If You're Happy | Uncustomary Art

I have some video footage for you, that I did not dub sound over so you could hear some of the honks… since that’s the whole point. However, this also means you get to hear my geeky laugh a lot, so press play if you dare!

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Photo/Video credit: Nick Ingrassia