Honk If You Love Color | Uncustomary

Two years ago, I made a sign that said “Honk If You’re Happy” and held it up on the side of the road in Baltimore. I got lots of honks, and it was really exciting. I decided to get a little bit more specific the next time I did it and write, “Honk If You Love Color”! and I dressed in a colorful outfit with a rainbow wig before I stood on the side of the road.

Honk If You Love Color | Uncustomary

I got a lot of honks for this one, too! I just wanted to share the pictures Maura took of me before I froze to death. You can catch a little footage of it in the welcome video of my YouTube channel if you want to see me dancing around a little bit.

Now I have a question for you, because I really want to do more of these: What other signs should I make? Honk If You…

Tell me in the comments!

PS – Hop over to the Instagram photo and drop down a car emoji if you would have honked driving past this sign!