Well, we made it through February! I got through all the stuff I had to do this month, even if I only made it out by the skin of my teeth. As I write this, I’ve had a cumulative of ten hours of sleep over three days and I’m pretty exhausted. There’s a never-ending to do list of things I want/need to do, and I’m overwhelmed but very happy with all of everything forever.

Uncustomary Art

Now it’s March, and I’m excited! It’s not as jam-packed in my Filofax scheduler, but I’m still just as amped up. I’m looking forward to the Spring solstice (and warmer weather!!), the Monarch Workshop in Connecticut, and Joe’s birthday. March is also Deaf History Month and Optimism Month. Are you ready for some silly holidays? March has some good ones like Bagpipe Day on the 10th and Hug A Medievalist Day on the 31st. Don’t forget to get your free pancakes at IHOP on the 3rd for Pancake Day, and Make Up Your Own Holiday is a great opportunity on the 26th for any celebrations you feel aren’t being addressed already.

My top ten things for February were balloon photoshoots with Maura  Joe texting me one thing he loves about me every day for a month  getting articles published about me multiple newspapers and exciting talk about writing a book  the What’s Your View mail art show opening  Philadelphia for Heartburn and absolutely everything about it  snowed in at Cuntwhistle Manor, playing Space Team  seeing Infected Mushroom and hanging out in “Club Vestibule beforehand”  the Bar Crawl Scavenger Hunt  being invited to the Monarch Workshop  workshop at Art Enables. What’s on your list?

Uncustomary Art
Last month’s photobooth goal for your amusement.

Alright, beautiful. I’m going to get some sleep! Please share what you loved about February and what you’re looking forward to in March in the comments. I hope things are starting off for you in a sparkly way.